Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Everybody's doing it..

Woohoo! I'm officially on flickr! Couldn't resist any more. I see so much amazing artwork and inspiration that I decided to finally join in the party. Then I saw Pam's post on the Moo cards she ordered of pictures from her Flickr account. So cool! So I went ahead and dumped a bunch of pictures into my flickr account and of course ordered my own set of Moo cards with MY art on them:) The cards will have my contact info on the back and should be perfect for ArtFest and other fun events! Yay! I have much to learn and many, many more pictures to download, but I'm off and running! So check me out:)

I didn't have to look hard and found some *major* eye candy out there. What stunning stuff. Here is a list of a few of my favorites. So what are YOUR favorite Flickr sites?


debbie said...

Yay!! Welcome to flickr!! I'm not sure where to post this but I finished my contribution to the first challenge using strips of cardstock and words. It's at flickr here http://www.flickr.com/photos/83858473@N00/351950182/

I'm already loving the challenge! Thanks for doing this!

melba said...

Last year I opened a flicker account so I could comment on other people's photos. For some reason now I can't get back into my account. I love flicker too and one of the things I want to accomplish this year is to have a full flicker site and connect there.
But probably not anytime this month.
I always enjoy your posts and the art you share.

Missy said...

I'm so happy for you! I love flickr... I only have like 5 pics on there ... but I love to look! LOL! I added you as friend on flickr so I can keep track of ya :) Have fun!!!!
p.s. Thanks for sharing the cards... I want them bad!

Deb said...

Fantastic flickr pictures!!

lia said...

oops, just lost a long comment...sorry if this is a dup., anyhoo, I am a total flickr addict and I love it. here is a link to my fave's (over 500 of them!!) http://www.flickr.com/photos/mejrmom/favorites/there are just too many to narrow down a few fave's! anyhow, I ordered the moo's as well. everyone raves about them!

Anonymous said...

Oh, well between you and Pam you are just killing me with the Flickr thing. I've been toying with the idea for awhile but now I MUST have my own account!

Carol said...

Yep I've read that about the mo cards over at Pam's blog too and I'm now thinking about making me a flickr account as well!