Monday, December 12, 2005

Art therapy

I've been feeling a bit frazzled lately. My usual stress relief is doing something crafty. This time the answer to my woes came in the mail as Sabrina Ward Harrison's new book, "The True and the Questions." I have faithfully bought each of her previous visual journal books. They are filled with the kind of raw, honest journaling that I love. Her new book is a place for readers to create a journal of their own. Just what I need, another blank journal! I just need to write in the ones that I have!! This one is different. The pages don't feel like the blank stare of a crisp white journal page waiting for the perfectly crafted sentence. These pages already are full of life. They are filled with quotes, colors, scribbles and are begging for the journaler to dive right in. That is just what I did. She makes it so fun and so easy- just write over the background images, cross things out, paint, draw or glue over what you don't like, add to what you do. Aaaahhhh release!!

I want to start adding more of my own artwork to this blog. I added a link on the sidebar to my picturetrail album . Pictures of my altered art for swaps, and round robins are housed there, along with a fabric altered book I made of my son when I was a brand new mom. I also will add some of my scrapbook mini albums and layouts since that has been a lot of the art that I've been doing lately, selling them on ebay and doing custom orders.


Anonymous said...

Frazzled is my middle name lately! I wish I could find an outlet like you've done so well. Love your blog!!! It's very inspiring. -Ginger

Gypsy said...

I just got that as well and LOVE it! Great minds, even frazzled, think a like! grin

Cate said...

I love blank journals, too. I've got a stack, waiting to be filled, and I also like to alter notebooks to make my own.

You seem like a kindred spirit! Have fun creating!

soraya nulliah said...

This is SO inspiring-love the colors and the graphic elements you have put together. Can totally relate!!