Sunday, December 11, 2005

Calling all superheroes

This time of year can really get overwhelming. If you feel like you'd have to be a superhero to get everything done, check out Keri Smith's "Become your own superhero" for some giggles. While you're at it, find out which superhero you are by taking this quiz! Also of note is Andrea Scher's Superhero Designs web site, which is full of eye candy. She's a painter and jewelry maker. Be sure and check out her community resources.

Speaking of which, my husband and I checked out the movie Aeon Flux this weekend. Boy can that girl kick some butt!! For some new gear check out the web site under downloads and you can find some fun iron-ons. The whole web site is fantastic if you're into animated action sci-fi kind of stuff.

On a completely different note, if you're into paper crafts of any sort, check out Lisa Vollrath's web site for lots of fun and inspiration. She has a fun online advent calendar with a downloadable surprise each day.

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