Friday, January 13, 2006

Chenille Fever

Isn't this cake just the cutest? I got it on ebay from Emily over at Check out her web site. She's got the most adorable chenille cakes, cupcakes and tea sets. I actually bought it for my daughters first birthday, which isn't until April. I just love chenille. It's so soft and cuddly, so old fashioned and just perfect for a child....or an adult. I love my chenille bed spread! I even use chenille in my scrapbooking for pockets or photo corners. I "age" it first with coffee, tea or walnut ink.

I'd love to make some chenille animals or pillows. I found this web site with everything you could ever want made with chenille. It also has some facinating history. Did you know that chenille is French for "caterpillar"?

Check out this chenille-looking crafty goodie from Miss Dots web site. Fun little project!


Ollie&Viv said...

I LOVE that cake Kari!!!! Is it sized like a cupcake in real life or is it bigger?? I WANT ONE!!!! :)

twistedsoda said...

I remember the chenille bed covers...what fun memories that they had. My mother used to get so mad at me cause I would pull on the fibers until there were holes. She called me her little moth. Funny how the fabric was called caterpillars...I'll have to tell her!

emily said...

Hey, that's my cake up there!! I always wonder about their "lives" once they leave me!! So glad you like it. How did your daughter like it??