Thursday, January 11, 2007

{Make Me Happy} Thursday

You all know about Oilily, right? They make the most yummy clothing, bags, shoes and more in absolutely stunning colors, textures and patterns! I've always been a big fan of the Anthropologie catalog. Well this is just as much eye candy and a very different style. Looking at the catalog truly makes me smile:) This one in particular, I love the words coupled with the images and the photography style. Inspires me to capture my world and celebrate each day!!!!! It totally piques my senses, and makes me want to create vibrant, happy art. Talk about creative spark! So I think I'm going to try to post each Thursday a "Make Me Happy" creativity boost. What's really getting me going lately. Fun stuff!!! I'd LOVE to hear from you too. Check out my flickr for lots more pics from this catalog. Ok, I'm off to create:)


Kim said...

Great inspiration...thanks for sharing those wonderful photos

Lilli said...

I love it when a publication can make us think outside the box. Why aren't there more rainbow couches out there? Why don't we wear glitter on our faces more often? Why are most highschool kids wearing navy, grey and black? Why aren't we all painting our vehicles?

Thanks for the pep look :)

Anonymous said...

I love your idea of a "Make Me Happy" creativity post. I too am a fan of Anthropologie and subscribe to the online catalogue...their items are so hard to resist!

jenny holiday said...

Ohhh I am right there with you!! I have been an Oilily nut for years!! Have you ever been to one of their stores? Oh my goodness...a candy store for the eyes!! Amazing!!

I am lucky enough to have their catalogs going back 10 years!! Each one is a treasure!! I LOVE them to bits!!

such a fabulous company!!

Thanks bunches for a fab post!!
xoxo Jenny

Anonymous said...

Love the quote used on the happy brithday page of the catalogue. I love their stuff, everything should be this pretty! I only wish I could get Anthropologie over here in the UK.
I have added you to my ever growing list of people that inspire me, you always have such nice things to share!