Monday, May 12, 2008

Hope your Mother's Day weekend was joyous!

We thoroughly enjoyed the gorgeous spring weather we've been having. We had lots of fun playing outside, mowing the lawn, going to the park and enjoying delicious strawberry pie:)

Since last Monday I posted some inspiration, I thought I'd continue with the trend. Today I have some exciting news that the first vol. of JunkMama Journals is live! Thanks for all your wonderful input via the interviews I sent out. I will be including bits and pieces of those in my column each month.

Read JunkMama Journals here!

I'd love to hear your input. Please leave comments here or on the post. I want this column to be interactive, fun and interesting. Thanks!


Miss*Laurence said...

Hello Kari,
You never stop writing by the look of it. The column looks like it is going to be fun. Lucky you to have been surrounded by antiques when you were young.
Read you soon!

CMN said...

Mmmm... Strawberry pie.... Mmmmm.... Now why didn't I think of having strawberry pie this weekend too! I'll just have to make up for it by making strawberry pie this week instead... Mmmm... Strawberry pie...

Robyn said...

Lovely photo!

Adla said...

Glad you had a wonderful mothers day Kari...looking forward to your column.

cheers, Adla