Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The art of giving

I started wrapping gifts tonight and I thought I'd share a few fun wrapping tips that I've come across and used. For wrapping paper I used butcher paper that my son had painted on. I then attached the initial of the receiver of the gift cut out of scrapbook paper. Check out these gift tags.
I got the book The Starving Artist's Way: Making your world a work of art by Nava Lubelski at the library today. It's a fun book with the philosophy:

Make it Yourself ~ Make it Cool ~ Make it Cheap

It also had some easy funky wrapping ideas:
*Glue buttons onto the package.
*Make a potato print like you did in kindergarten. Make an image with a cookie cutter or any other metal object. Cut off the excess, print with tempera or thinned acrylic paint.
*Use ribbon made from bright or shiny fabric.
*Put a few stickers on the package, that always keeps the excitement level high.
*Cut logos are funny bits from packaging and cut out a window. Write a message in the window. This is a quick sort of greeting that says "I love you enough to spare a tree's life in your name."
Fun stuff!

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Heather said...

Great ideas, I already wrapped my gifts, but now I think I'll make some cute bows from some fabric I have, great idea!!