Tuesday, March 30, 2010

blooms and bunnies...

That's pretty much what we're all about around here right now. The flowers are just starting to sprout outside, so I'm making up for it with my own blooms inside.
I also love putting out all my funny bunnies at this time of the year. I've always been a huge fan of rabbits. I had several as pets growing up. My favorite story was (and still is) The Velveteen Rabbit. Some girls love horses, I'm a rabbit girl.I have a few odd little collections that I couldn't pass up as I run across them in old kitchen tins at estate sales. I knew that otherwise they'd be thrown in the trash. I love my bunnies!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

a little gallery....

It was my hubby's birthday over the weekend and guess what I got? This fabulous new book/display shelf that he's been working on for quite some time. He likes to work with wood in his free time and created this lovely piece that I can now have many of my altered books displayed on. It's like having my very own little gallery. Love it! This has inspired us to move several over things around the house and we have reached a whole new level of spring cleaning.
It's that time of year!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Doing some nesting and lots of spring cleaning around here during our spring break week. It feels so great to clear.I'm really enjoying my mondo beyondo class and have been extremely introspective (and emotional) lately. Jen and Andrea are amazing hostesses in this adventure. Here is a little place I set up to honor my dreams.
Enjoying the amazing spring weather we are having here in Minnesota. We just *may* have the first ever snow free March since they started keeping records in 1895. Crazy! This has everyone thinking about gardening and other outdoor pursuits. I've been enjoying some spring decor in our local stores. This grouping and color palette really inspired me. Love the fun bird houses and other "yard decor".

I want to use this palette and carry it over to Chloe's strawberry shortcake party. I'm going for a fun, whimsical, vintage style. Of course I love to oogle over the cakes and decor ideas over on flickr. Yum!

Friday, March 19, 2010

five senses friday: wanderlust edition

It's always fun to play along with abby on her five senses friday. This time of year I always get a case of wanderlust. I'm excited to be planning a trip to Portland next month and found these great retro luggage pieces at a sale today for just a couple of dollars. Makes a lovely family, I think! Luckily most of the time my wanderlust is satisfied by a couple of hours out in the woods following the kids as they romp around. I'm so happy that after the very warm weather we've been having we are finally able to venture out and explore again!
Hearing: Love hearing all the birds singing and the dozens upon dozens of flocks of geese honking overhead.
Tasting: I've been caving into my jellybean weakness.
Smelling: Found some strawberry scented candles for the strawberry shortcake birthday party that we're in full planning mode for here.
Seeing: Little glimpses of green and the happy crocuses blooming in my yard!
Feeling: How wonderfully warm the sun can be even in March in Minnesota.
Little spring vingettes are beginning to pop up around the house.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's tapping time...

One of my favorite rites of spring is maple tapping time! I went with Chloe on her school field trip today to tap maple trees and learn about how maple syrup is made. The sap had really been running! Then it was boiled down in this giant cauldron. It really is a lost art.
The kids got to taste a bit of sweet mapley goodness and we even saw a rooster on our morning at the farm!
Horray for spring!

Monday, March 15, 2010

so springy!

Thank you for a wonderful update in the shop! There's still lots of fun things there and I hope to keep finding spring treasures to update it frequently. Winter seems to have let go of it's icy embrace in these parts. At least for a few days. Yesterday we hit a record high of 64 degrees, over twenty degrees above normal. The buds were popping and I even found a crocus on the south side of the house. Amazing! Usually I post a similar picture quite a bit later.
It sure was fun to get out and enjoy this crazy warm weather. The ice is definitely retreating from the lake. The kids were back to the beach looking for treasures. We found a tree that some busy beavers had gnawed down. When we got home, we knew it was time to say good-bye to winter when the sidewalk came out! I love this happy little guy that Chloe drew.

We're supposed to get an icy, slushy mix later in the week, but we've definitely turned the corner and boy does it feel refreshing!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A little update...

I did a mini-etsy update today and also sent out all partner info. for the May Basket swap. If you are in it, please check your email! Everyone has been notified. Sunday morning edit: **I just added to my shop some wonderful spring linens and my favorite hat ever!
My shop is filled with fun vintage goodies HERE

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's a baby shower!

*~The May Basket swap is CLOSED!!~* If you did not leave me an email in the survey to contact you, you are not in the swap. In other exciting news, there's a baby shower going on right now for Ms. Andrea to celebrate all the wonderful fun that having a little girl involves. She has two sweet little boys and is now expecting a bouncing baby GIRL soon! Hope and Gabrielle are showering Andrea with her gifts as we speak. Here is the package of vintage girlie goodness that I gifted her with.
The book is B is for Baby and is full of baby craft projects.
I've been wanting to give Andrea this large vintage ceramic strawberry ever since I first acquired it, seemed perfect for her!
Be sure and check out the other blogs involved in the party...














Congratulations, Andrea!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

*~May Basket swap announcement!!!~*

I am excited to announce that it is time for the annual May Basket Swap! This has always been one of my favorite swaps of the year.

Here are the details: The baskets can be anything you want: store bought or handmade. Althought I think at least part of it should be handmade. The baskets shown in this post are those that I have made for several of my partners over the years. Fill your basket with spring goodies of any sort, vintage inspired it always nice. Since you can't send real flowers think silk flowers, velvet leaves, millinery flowers, birds, butterflies....whatever makes you smile:) When you get your swap partner you may want to email them and see what kind of color combinations and/or style that they would like. This swap can be interpreted in a number of ways. Some people like to have an additional theme, like supplies, handmade, vintage or a color combination that they love. Be sure and discuss these things with your partner.
If you know that you can meet the
mail out deadline of April 15th
and you are ready to commit to this swap, you are required to fill out all of the questions on
You will not be registered until they are completed and you receive a confirmation email from me. I am limiting this swap to the
first 50 players.
For tons more inspiration see this post and our may basket flickr group from the first swap.

Swap basket below received from Andrea .

Friday, March 05, 2010

found collections

Thanks so much for a great update the other day! All packages are in the mail and off to their new homes. I hope to update the shop more frequently this spring. I appreciate your support so very much!

Today I wanted to share a few collections that I have that were found as a grouping and bought simply because they were appealing together. Case in point, these china paints. I don't intend to use them (don't even know how!) but I thought they were facinating as a visual collection. I love the names of the colors and the writing on some of the labels. It can be fun to buy several of something just for the fact that it's in a collection.

So for now, they sit in a shadow box, simply to enjoy their tiny vials of color and intrigue.
Today I found this darling collection of vintage hair barrettes. They are so sweet and whimsical I could not pass them up. The woman that sold them to me said she remembers wearing the little
red doggie in her hair when she was a young girl.

Later, I overheard a mother looking at a pocketknife with her young son. He simply thought the old pocket knife was pretty cool. The sales woman said, "do you collect pocket knives" and the boy replied, "no, not really". Then the woman asked, "want to start a collection?" It can start that innocently, can't it?!

What do you collect and more importantly why?