Thursday, March 31, 2011

feeling springy...

Today is the first day of spring break for my kids. Luckily it was the first day that kinda sorta felt like spring around here. It hit the mid-40's. A big deal here in Minnesota! We first brightened up the house a little bit with some spring color. Then the kids opened a play doh bake shop. By afternoon it was finally warm enough to bring out the sidewalk chalk. They have literally been looking forward to this for months! A hop scoth board was immediately drawn and put to good use.
Happy campers they were!

We then took a little trek to the lake stomping through mud puddles.
The ice is melting!When we arrived home, we realized the crocus were blooming in our yard. Definitely the first sign of spring. Can't wait for more!

Good-bye March!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

for the love of birthday's....

It's that time of year, the birds are chirping, the sun is out and spring is in the air. So is the stream of spring-time birthdays!We celebrated Joe's birthday on Sunday. Next up is Chloe's 6th birthday. We've been working hard on her cupcake/Littlest Pet Shop combo themed party. I've been making these cupcakes (above) and am going to make them into a banner. I am in love with banners. I always have several up around the house and when it comes to celebrating birthdays, banners add instant festiveness! Remember this one I made for my little nephew Hans when he was born?! He turns 2 years old today. Happy Birthday Hansie!!!

Analise of Sugar Sugar made this for Chloe's 4th birthday. We used this one that was perfect for Chloe's Strawberry Shortcake party last year by Giggleberry Creations. For Chloe's birthday, I'll be using this colorful bunting that I blogged about here from Jaime Mancilla. Love the colors on this one by Little Kitten homemade.

Finally, who could resist these cuties by RawBone Studio.

Nothing says spring and celebration like a banner!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring!

Spring is in the air! It's mild and rainy, and that is making the snow melt, melt, melt. We couldn't be outside much today, but celebrated the Vernal Equinox with a little welcome spring party of our own. Nest cupcakes were baked and decorated, an egg hunt, the kids "parade" and a craft were all in order.

I also wanted to let you know that the May Basket swap is now closed and partners have been sent out. Check your in box!
Hope you're enjoying your first day of the new season!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

May Basket swap announcement!

I don't know about you, but I am certainly ready to start thinking about spring! I've had some inquiries about my annual May Basket swap and after being inspired by these fabulous woodland vignettes at my favorite local nursery, I have decided to host it again! If you're new to this swap, check out my May Day posts through the years here , here , here and here. Also this post and the amazing May Basket flickr pool with several years contributions and has loads of inspiration.

Here are the details: The May Basket swap originated from the idea of making a fun little basket full of spring goodies and placing on a neighbors doorstep on the first of May. Since for this swap the baskets will be mailed, you will want to choose your contents wisely. Fill your basket with spring goodies of any sort, vintage inspired it always nice. Since you can't send real flowers think silk flowers, velvet leaves, millinery flowers, birds, butterflies....whatever makes you smile:) When you get your swap partner you may want to email them and see what kind of color combinations and/or style that they would like. This swap can be interpreted in a number of ways. Some people like to have an additional theme, like supplies, handmade, vintage or a color combination that they love. Be sure and discuss these things with your partner. I would say the estimated value of the basket and contents before shipping should be about $20-25.

If you know that you can meet the
mail out deadline of April 15thand you are ready to commit to this swap, leave a comment on this post with your email address and if you are willing to mail internationally. I will confirm you are in the swap via email and you are not registered until you receive a confirmation email from me.

I will take sign-ups up to Sunday March 20th. Baskets need to be sent out (Priority mail) by April 15th to give enough time to get to your partner by May 1st!!! **Both bloggers and blog readers can join. This swap is open to US players only due to high price of shipping overseas. **

Monday, March 07, 2011

All in one day....

I've been working on my Day in the Life album and have really enjoyed the process of getting down the words and photos of our day. I've been pouring through so many photos that I thought you might like a peek into what our day looked like on Friday. Enjoy! The day begins when Chloe wakes up at about 6:20 am. I get her juice and a breakfast bar and make a pot of coffee. Chloe watches tv and rolls around on the floor with Bodhi.
Lowell wakes up about 7:15 am and isn't camera ready right away:) I thought it was funny how this photo captured his fast hand motions waving for me not to take his photo.
This shows how quickly Lowell changes out of his pj's and into t-shirt and shorts, his morning clothes. He then changes again before school.
Bodhi gets his bathroom break.
Lowell's brain starts buzzing early. He works on a project counting the number of weeks in each month, just for fun.
His results.
Bodhi is going to have to wait a bit for his walk. He brings over the leash and puts it on the floor right next to him to give us a hint!
I start cooking the various breakfasts that each family member wants.
We all eat together.
Clean plates all around!
The kids started to enjoy my picture taking.
Then it's time for the bus.
Looks so dirty and ugly this time of year.
Lowell wanted to bring his camera with him to document his day. He brought it to the bus stop, then I take it back in the house.

Joe and I talk as we wait for the bus to come around again so we can wave at the kids. Here we are in the front door glass.
Bodhi and I take a VERY dirty walk.
I plan out my out clothes and since it's Friday, I pick an estate sale to go to!
Off I go!
First stop.
Cute old quilt, but high priced.
Some neat old cameras.
The small stash of things that I found. The prayer is an old Norwegian prayer that I learned as a child and have said all my life during family gatherings. Now I have can have a copy on our wall. Neat find!
I love this old measuring tape scroll and bought it for the kids to use.
Drink up my protein shake and it's off to the gym.

I rush home in time to catch Chloe's bus and here's who I see waiting for me.

Bodhi is always thrilled to see Chloe! Lunch time.
Then it's play time in Chloe's room.
We had fun with these photos. She loved making faces and I love this series!

Then suddenly she looked totally different and all grown up.
Relaxing and playing with her Littlest Pet Shop sets.
We got out for a bit and hit another estate sale.
This old album was cool, but way too much $$.Chloe found a few animal friends to take home.Then we hit the grocery store.Amazing how we can fit $58 worth of groceries in her tiny cart!Back home to put things away and start thinking about dinner.Start watching out the window for Lowell's bus.Lowell comes home and immediately grabs his camera again to document his day.He shows me some of his school work. Apparently this is a computer phone he made up.Snack time.Lowell makes a video of himself reading this book.Chloe gets in on the action with her camera.Then they start looking through my scrapbooks and photographing them.Lowell seems to make a good foot rest.Pizza for dinner!Then some coloring.Then the kids decide to go outside in the cold and dark. They didn't last out there very long.Bath time.I took this pic (above) to compare it with the one I took 5 years ago when I did this project.Some more playing with Littest Pet Shop stuff.

Bedtime stories.
Then completing my documentation and a glass of wine to end the day.

Lowell ended up being up another hour and then Joe and I finally had some time alone to watch some tv. What an exhausting day getting it all down, but totally worth it. Hope you enjoyed it!!