Friday, March 19, 2010

five senses friday: wanderlust edition

It's always fun to play along with abby on her five senses friday. This time of year I always get a case of wanderlust. I'm excited to be planning a trip to Portland next month and found these great retro luggage pieces at a sale today for just a couple of dollars. Makes a lovely family, I think! Luckily most of the time my wanderlust is satisfied by a couple of hours out in the woods following the kids as they romp around. I'm so happy that after the very warm weather we've been having we are finally able to venture out and explore again!
Hearing: Love hearing all the birds singing and the dozens upon dozens of flocks of geese honking overhead.
Tasting: I've been caving into my jellybean weakness.
Smelling: Found some strawberry scented candles for the strawberry shortcake birthday party that we're in full planning mode for here.
Seeing: Little glimpses of green and the happy crocuses blooming in my yard!
Feeling: How wonderfully warm the sun can be even in March in Minnesota.
Little spring vingettes are beginning to pop up around the house.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Debbie Demmers-Adkins said...

The eggs and chicks!!! A good friend just brought in lace wrapped eggs dyed with Easter egg dye...what brilliance as far as the colors!!! Your eggs are amazing....I usually do not focus much on the egg/bunny side of Easter, but everyone is making it so fun to enjoy!!! I've done a "Children of the King" series just in time for Easter....either way, new life is given!!!

Thank you for sharing!!!
blessings, debbie

Kateyed said...

I love your luggage! That will be so cool! I am adoring my sewing kits, though I think someone special may get the second! Those eggs you made...oh, my, they are gorgeous. I am out in your neighborhood (at the Marsh tonight) and I planned on going to estate sales but I went to an antique store when I got my hair cut and...well, there went all my money! Too bad!
I am sure you will all have a great time in Portland. You are all three such neat people and seem like such great friends.

Knicky Knacks said...

Love the luggage - very retro and very practical I might add. Bet the little ones love playing with them. As for weather, down in Oz we are still being spoiled with beautiful sunshine as Autumn begins. Your photos have inspired me to get snapping and put a few photos on my site. Thanks for sharing.

snowbear said...

Looks like you are ready for Easter!!

No crocus here, but the Irises are about 8" stems yet, just leaves. Hopefully the snow that is suppose to arrive on Sunday doesn't harm them. Happy Spring!

paperbird said...

I love your sweet eggs- Julie showed me one you gave to her at the Art Nest- I must say I was kinda jealous!

Stacy/Creativemuse said...

Lovely 5 senses........the luggage is so darling! can't wait to see the party!
love your vingettes! sweet eggs!