Monday, December 19, 2005

Handmade holidays

"There is a life to the objects made by hand that a man made object could not possibly reproduce" Keri Smith- wish jar journal

I just went down my whole list of 60+ favorite blogs and it sounds like there are many, many frazzled people out in blog land right now. I was most blown away by artist LK Ludwig's unbelievable "to do" list for this week. Yikes! What I found out is the vast majority of you are making wonderfully unique hand made items. I wish I could be a little elf running from blog to blog helping out where needed. Is it weird that I don't feel stressed at all? I did do hand made touches for nearly every gift this year, but I actually didn't procrastinate and did them bit by bit over the last month or so. For instance, I did this rag bag for my niece. Super easy! I chose to really simplify things and not get sucked into anything to complicated. So I'm pretty much ready for the holidays. My sister just came into town last night from San Diego with her two kids. I'm looking forward to a pretty quiet week of playing in the snow, making sugar cookies, scrapbooking and just hanging out with my family. Sounds like a good Christmas to me. Happy Holidays!

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Shankari said...

Wow Artsymama! Wish I could have you by my side. Though Christmas is not much of a hindu festival, we celebrate it with a lot of festivities and of course gift exchanges!
Me, I'm so craft-disabled that I just go a store and ... This year I hope to make at least a few of the cards on my own, with the kids using your stuff! Thanks for making the season so special for us!