Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Winter Wishes

It seems that signs with Peace, Joy, and Hope are abound this holiday season. Such wishes are a nice way to pizazz up your decor. Inspired by Wendy Addison's lovely glitter words I made this Peace sign for a gift. I simply started with wooden letters that you can find at any craft store. I love the font of these. My dear husband made a small base, slapped on some glue and we were set. I then did a base coat of gold metallic paint. I added a coat of "weathered wood" effect and then painted over that with white for the distressed look. I could even add some glitter! Fun and easy!!!

Another fun idea is to gather the old retro ornaments that you have from back in the day and glue them to a wreath. Not much to it. This one has ornaments from my childhood and also my husbands. It's a nice way to preserve the memories.

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Cate said...

This wreath is gorgeous--so inventive and fun! Love it!