Friday, January 20, 2006

Getting things done

Today has been about getting things done. Cleaning and wrapping up things for the week. I am reminded of a passage from the book The Art of Expecting that I once copied down in my journal.

The Zen of Getting Things Done

"You bring peace on Earth as you pad about, forever putting things away, clearing out the sink, picking up the toys, wiping the counter and mopping up the mess. Stop thinking of housework as a task-oriented venture. At the end of the day, you won't get a bonus for being the one who scrubbed the tub, swept under the bed, or put the groceries away. You will get a bonus only for remembering how lucky you are. The secret to surviving housework is to simply do it! Not postponing chores and not spending any mental energy equivocating, temporizing or stalling- is actually a lot more restful than worrying about what needs to be done. You breeze along, nonchalantly dispatching external and internal clutter as you go. Before long, you reach a zone of inner quietude where chasing dust bunnies can actually be as effortless as watching tv and eating bonbons!"


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous quote! It's very helpful and inspiring to me, as I tend to waste a lot of mental energy on worrying about what I'm NOT doing. Your little man looks like he's having a great time helping Mommy clean! Now you can have a worry-free weekend with your family and a clean house!

Anonymous said...

what the heck ARE bonbons anyway?

I liked reading that. It's good advice.

Lita said...

we should get together and brainstorm some journals sometime!!! Great quote to use!!!