Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Happiness is...

This was originally done in my morning pages for the Artist's Way group I'm a part of online (see more here). I thought it was a fun exercise to share and would encourage others to make such a list.

20 things I enjoy doing (when was the last time?):

1. sleeping through the night (over a year ago…yikes!)
2. walking, especially in the woods…by myself (don’t even remember)
3. gardening (really gardening..vegetables and all, summer 2002)
4. black and white photography-ok, I convert some of my pictures to b&w, but I’m talking black and white film with a SLR camera (don’t remember)
5. painting (last month)
6. traveling (to Arizona, Nov. 2004)
7. snorkeling (in Cozumel, Dec. 2002)
8. sewing (last month)
9. playing with a dog (not since Toby…Oct. 2003)
10. taking a class (grad school, 2003)
11. sitting in coffee shops to hide out and write (WAY too long ago!)
12. hiking (Alaska, 2001)
13. meditating (last week)
14. swimming (last summer, 2005)
15. taking a road trip (Michigan, 2004)
16. visiting Laura in California (2003..I must get out there again soon)
17. working..did I really say I enjoyed that!?! I miss it at times (been SAHM since job ever!)
18. having a day or night out with friends (cropping with Tammy and Laura, Dec. 2005)
19. experiencing art--in museums, on the street, in books, magazines..(every day!!)
20. reading a really engaging book (this week)


Anonymous said...

I love black and white photography too. I might have to add this one to my list!

Anonymous said...

Well, I have to say most of the stuff you listed was really interesting like your traveling and snorkeling...hiking in ALASKA! Not everyone can say that! Grad school! Whooo Hoo! You are a very interesting lady AND talented! And if you are in California again I hope it is near me!!!! : )

Chris said...

What a cool exercise! Thanks for sharing.