Thursday, February 23, 2006

Phenology and Watching

Rhonna's {21} challenge: Day 3

My entry for today says: Thoughts keep popping up over and over in my head. I try not to catch them. No need to indulge in them, but let them pass by, like clouds.

One great thing about meditating for me is that it really tends to open up my eyes to the world around me. Today I could almost feel the tiny fluttering of the essence of spring in the air. I opened up all the curtains and the blinds and let springs healing light in. Ahhhh!! I know, I'm in's only February....and I know there are still weeks and weeks before spring arrives here. However, I just feel lighter today. It's like I can see the tiny glimpses of things coming back to life. I love that it's starting to get light earlier in the morning. When I'm up at 6 am with my little girl, it helps that dawn is just breaking.

I used to be a naturalist, so I've always enjoyed the phenology of the changing seasons. I try to keep a record of when I see the first robin of spring, the "ice out" date of the lake down the street. It's fun to really notice the changing of the seasons. One of my favorite places to see maps of how spring sweeps (literally) across the land is at Journey North. Since this blog is viewed by people all over the world, I would love to hear about what you are all seeing out your kitchen window or on your daily walk (Karin). Please share in the comments section what's happening "in your neck of the woods."

So I actually sat in mediation last night...for the first time in way too long! I was in my bedroom while my little girl was having trouble sleeping in the room next door (she's teething). I couldn't believe how fast the thoughts were going through my mind. I tried to stay with my breath and just gently label each thought "thinking" and let it float by softly like a cloud. I could hardly keep up. I would return to the breath and before I even knew it, I realized my thoughts were racing again. I am so glad that I have this nudge from Rhonna (thank you!) to form a new habit. I need this. I need the stress relief, I need to get back to the roots of my practice, this is wonderful!!!


Rhonna said...

wow, girl!

I am in LOVE with your whole 'feel' to this art journal...
the colors..the journaling..the images..

you are welcome!

Christi said...

Wow! Just reading about your thought process helps me to feel at peace. I am loving your art pages...simply gorgeous! Keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

truly amazing!

Anonymous said...

Nice! How inspiring... I get a nice 15 minute walk from my apartment to my job in dowtown Seattle. The walk is great, I've been waking up at around 6.40AM and rolling out of bed at 7AM then hitting the streets at 8ish. I have been wondering what to start taking pictures of lately, and I think you've help me figure it out :)

A few weeks ago the mornings were sunny, lately cloudy & overcast... either way the air is crisp and chilly and i love the feeling of a freshly flushed face when I enter my warm building! I've been so excited to wake up to light and seeing peeks of sunshine thru the day at the office and watching the sunset later and later each week. I feel spring coming, but I surely enjoy the chill of February... not to mention the snowcapped mountains that will fade into the horizon come spring time.

And thanks for sharing your journaling... so inspiring you are!

Lita said...

Everytime that I see your creativity, you completely blow me away! There is always something so captivating in your work. I love it so so so much!

Lu said...

such nice work. love it.

Heather M. said...

SOOOO cool! I love the photo of the sky with the transparency over top! So cool!