Thursday, March 02, 2006

Art and Blogging {Misty Mawn}

This art is by the AmaZinG Misty of Mistyeyedart. She is half of the dynamic duo of ladies that just started up Inspire Me Thursday. She is a mixed media artist, clay thrower and blogger extraordinaire. She was kind enough to answer a few questions about Art and Blogging.

AM: When did you start blogging?
Last Summer...June 2005

AM:What was your motivation?
MM: hmmm....I guess I started it with hopes that it would inspire me to create more and share what I have to offer.

AM: Who is your audience/readership?
MM: Other artists, moms, friends....?

AM: Does your blog circulation matter to you?
MM: a little maybe, it's exciting to see people respond, but it's not why I blog

AM: Do you use your blog as a social network?
MM: I guess you could say that. I have met so many great people from blogging that I call friends.

AM: Has blogging changed your creative process at all? Are you inspired by other bloggers?
MM: I don't think it has changed my creative process at all, but pushes it more! Yes, I find inspiration from many other bloggers!

AM: Do you feel it's expanded your audience? Made you more accessible?
MM: Yes, it has also made me realize that other artists, writers, people, aren't as untouchable as I once thought. Just because I am an artist doesn't mean I don't relate to others that are not and vise versa.

AM: Do you sell your work on your blog?
MM: No...I use Etsy and Ebay, but I do have links on my blog to those sights.

AM: Do you find inspiration online?
MM: Yes, very much! I love to find it and hope I share it as well!

AM: Do you participate in any online communities? If so, which ones?
MM: A few... SPT, Illustration Friday, Mixed Media Collage Artists, and of course Inspire me Thursday!

AM: Blogs can be very intimate; do you enjoy showing a different side of yourself?
MM: I show the only side I know...I very much hope I am the same person everyone out there perceives me as.

AM: What is a typical day like for you?
MM: Get up at 7:30... take my daughter to school, check emails read blogs, spend time with my son, pick my daughter up, make lunch for everyone, read books to my children, nap time for my son, art time with my daughter, Tea time for me, figure out dinner, run errands, bath and bedtimes for my little ones, time to work....Art time! Get to bed around 2am, sometimes earlier.

AM: Do you find the computer has distracted you from your art?
MM: It can, if I let it. I need to a find balance between the computer

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Contessa Kris said...

Ohhh, isn't Misty fabulous? Love all her work! Thanks for profiling her!