Saturday, April 29, 2006

Book of Dreams {Freestylin'}

How cool is this?! Hanna in Sweden made us a button for the Book of Dreams project. Thanks Hanna! If you'd like to use this one or the one on the right sidebar, just right click and save to your hard drive. Then feel free to put it on your blog.

We have over 50 participants now in the BOD project. wow!!! I've been looking at your pocket pages and they are just amazing! It's so fun to see people let their creativity take off. Speaking of which, I just found out that there is now a Freestyle blog. It's with the Autumn Leaves artists that are featured in the Freestyle book. I was so inspired by the book and the blog adds a whole new dimension. They have weekly challenges that anyone can participate in and they really challenge you to think outside the box. It has had such an impact on me, this week for the BOD challenge we're going to be freestylin' in our own way. We're going to really let loose and see what we can come up with. Fun!

So what is freestyle?
Freestyle is anything you want it to be. therein the beauty lies! it is YOU, with wings! being free and making happy art.

I love this quote from the amazingly talented Emily about what freestyling means to her. It made me think about my own Book of Dreams and how I've had a loosely defined theme of children and dreams. Then when I got to work, I found myself adding wings all over the place. Something I normally don't do. I've decided my BOD is going to be about me... with wings...being free, dreaming about life, my children, magical things. I'm lovin' it. I'm off to work on next weeks technique. Can't wait to tell you all about it!

Check out what I found at a garage sale this weekend. Ok, the neighbor brought it over during our garage sale. I had to buy it! what to do with it?!


Anonymous said...

oh wow, i love autumn leaves! thanks for the link
i finished my first entry
i think my book will be very free style. maybe i'll break free from lining things up linearly and do more haphazzard kinda stuff
thanks for this great challenge!

Lilli in Vancouver said...

I did it! Well, my husband had to show me. I now have my first button. Hanna did a beautiful job :)

Lilli in Vancouver said...

Oh Wow! What a great cabinetty-thang! That's a real acquisition!

Fiona said...

The printer's trays are fab for displaying miniature objects, from dolls house stuff to shells (yeah, I know plenty of them in Minnesota!)
Off to add the button. Nearly finished my pocket page.

T:o)ve said...

I would really like to have a cabinettythang like that! For all my little nick-nack ;o)

I'm doing the Book of Dreams, The first pocket are ready :o)
I'm loving the book already!

sarah.b said...

I think it calls out for rubber stamps and lots of goodies!

Anonymous said...

i tried to email ihanna about the logo w/o any luck(so cool, btw!)i was hoping she can make a smaller version if it's not too much trouble. i have limited space in my sidebar (about 150 Pixels width would be good) not sure how to fix it...(?)....

thanks!and p.s. that is a cool find. i would use it for a collage somehow with pics and found objects. : )

Anonymous said...

really can't wait to get started on my book. just got home last night, updated my blog, am unpacking, and then hope to start!! don't know if i'm more excited to start mine, or check out the amazing things the other's have done!!!

Anonymous said...

figured out how to reduce the icon for the link --- embarrassed about my lack of common sense!

: )

elizabeth said...

great score!!! i'd love it for holding stamps or for displaying wooden letters (which i really want to start a collection of the letters "e" and possibly "m").

gudrun said...

Wow, your cabinet for small stuf is so cool.
As my dad worked as a newspaper-man long time ago we have some of those at my house as well.
My husband have one under his workbench used as a drawer for small stuff for his cabinet-maker-hobby.
I want one under my desk as well for storing eyelets, buttons and small stuff for my scrapbooking. ;-)
Have seen somebody have it hanging on the wall for stamp-storage as well. ;-)
And the button from Hannah is great. Thanks alot! :)

unknown said...

Love the cabinet! Looks like a good background for a collage collection! Have fun with it. I got your "lift" definition--thanks!