Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Book of Dreams {Supplies}

Lots of exciting stuff going on with the Book of Dreams project. It looks like Cassondra is going to join us (see interview below) and will be posting pictures of her progress as we go. Very exciting! There's been lots of new people joining in. It's never to late to start! I will keep adding names to the blogroll on the sidebar with participants. I will also keep adding inspiration links.

I think I will be posting quite a bit, as I have the last few days, as we all gather our books, supplies and other goodies that we'll be working with. So you may want to check in daily if you can, or you can always scroll down for previous posts. I'm certaining not advocating spending a lot of money on this project, but I thought I'd share some links of web sites that sell vintage images, paper, metal items, envelopes and many other materials that may be useful for your altered book project. If you know of others, please let me know. I plan to go to some estate sales this weekend to try to hunt down some unusal treasures to use in my book. It's always fun to find vintage items that seem to have a story to tell, like this wonderful collection of zippers I found at an estate sale once. What in the world am I going to do with them?

Altered book supplies:
Pamela Huntington
Papier Valise
Queen of Tarts
Sweetwater Sisters
Sparrow's Cottage

Also- here is a link from Deborah for a comprehensive tutorial on bookbinding and from Fiona, an altered book forum. We're off to a great start! I will be posting in the next fews days on ways you can prep your book and as promised, I will post our first technique next Wednesday.


Lilli in Vancouver said...

Thanks again! You are so on-top-of-this. That's wonderful that Cassondra gives us her blessing and will be participating.

I'm really excited and eager to explore this new (to me) art form. I went to visit 3 wk-old nephew today and wasn't able to go to the used book store today. Of COURSE it's more important to visit my nephew!!! but I was secretly disappointed to not visit the bookstore. Tomorrow, tomorrow...

Christi said...

OH, NO! I have been dying to spend some money on just this type of fun the last couple of days. LOL...perfect enabling in action! Off to go shopping!!! Smiles!

PJ said...

wow! I'm breathless...and scaried at the same time. What great links you've provided and what great blogs of the people that want to participate. I'm feeling a little some 1st grader sitting in class staring at a blank page!

Anonymous said...

whoo-hoo...look at this! what a wonderful hostess you are - you've been a busy chick haven't you!

I bought a book from the bargain section at Borders Books (it was 4.95) and I already began tearing out pages (taking Lilli's advice- thanks Lilli!) by not tearing too close to the spine... i also began gesso-ing (i just made up a word) a few of the pages...

i want to continue my quest for creating e v e r y d a y... the 21 day challenge was truly Blessing (still is --- i have 6 pages to go)

again,you are amazing for getting this together so quickly. I'm really excited about this : )... i'm glad we have crossed paths,too

Fiona said...

Thabks for mentioning Alternative but to give it credit, it 's a whole altered art board with a entire forum devoted to altered arts. I'm spreading the word.....

Fiona said...

Never post went you aren't fully awake, I meant an entire altered book forum within the board...need more coffee. Glad I ahve time off this afternoon - so many blogs nsd links to explore, plus choosing a book!

Artygal/Lalheg said...

There are now a couple of UK based businesses that sell altered art supplies - would ylike me to send you the links to update this post for any UK participants?

Anonymous said...

Hi ArtsyMama!

I just love the look of this book and the overall project idea. I'd love to come on board and play and create with you. Please let me in! :-)

I don't have a blog yet but will get myself one soon. I'll send you the link then.


Kari said...

lalheg, that would be great if you want to post the links in the comment section here, I'll add them. thanks!

fiona, I changed it..let me know if that is still incorrect. thanks!

Lilli in Vancouver said...

I've got a book for this project (unless I find something even better this afternoon)

Monica said...

I would so much like to participate in your "Book of dreams" project. Never done anything like this, but I would like to try. I'm creating my own blog, I have so many ideas about the theme for my book, I think it will be for sure, fashion designing-dreaming related. Hope I can be in.
I love your art!

Kim Winter said...

I would like to join. My blog is cluelessapple, thanks.