Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Book of Dreams: Week 7 {Fabric & Fibers}

Here we go... week 7 of the Book of Dreams! This week we are working with some of my favorite elements..FABRIC and FIBERS!!!
I like combining fabric and paper. You can stitch an image on with your sewing machine, by hand, or just glue it on with fabric glue (I use Sobo). Here I glued on some fibers as well. The bottom left swirl I let the glue dry and then stitched it on. The top left I just glued. I also stitched around the paper moon. The image is done on fabric. On this post I talked about how to print onto muslin fabric. You can also buy t-shirt iron on transfer sheets. You can print an image onto a transfer sheet and then iron it onto muslin. You could do the same technique with words, or even just doodle onto the t-shirt transfer sheet and iron it onto your fabric. There are so many options!

You can also do all kinds of stitching with fabric and fibers. For this layout I first ripped a long, think piece of fabric. I was so happy to use this extra fabric that I originally used to make my daughters curtains. I folded both sides of the layout towards the book spine. I then tore the edge of each and glued them down. I punched holes and "laced" through with fabric.

You can also do a little freestylin' and play around with fabric and make your own designs. I started here with a piece of ironed muslin fabric. I dribbled a couple colors of acrylic paint over it and started spreading the paint around with a credit card (or paint scraper). You can then add stamps, doodling, letters, whatever! Create your own custom made fabric.

I have been inspired by Lesley Riley ever since getting involved in altered art. She is such an amazing fabric/mixed media artist. I love how she uses fabric so creatively in her art work. Check out her fragments project. As always, have fun and I look forward to seeing your bursting Book of Dreams:)


Lilli in Vancouver said...

How very creative you are! Looks like fun. I can hardly wait to start cutting up some fabric.

Thanks for looking after us :)

Christi said...

ooooh, I have been wanting to use fabric on my book! Thank you for the awesome tutorials!!! Your book is looking fantastic!!! I am a couple of weeks behind on mine, but I think that I can get back to work on it after today. :D Smiles!

Sharon Tomlinson said...

I have been holding back on fabric in my BOD just knowing you would instruct us. Thanks, this will be fun as I'm into fabric right now with my new flag.

Maggie Lamarre said...

This is fabulous I was scared of using fabric for the yellowing acifity.
I'm still trying to figure out the pop up I'm not there yet, will post once I do.
Have a great week,

Jeanne said...

This weeks challenge was lots of fun. I just posted my Fibers and Fabrics pages this morning.