Sunday, June 11, 2006

Funky Buddha

I have been having an absolute blast this weekend getting my collaborative book started to mail out to Ashley Calder. I was so inspired by her work in the Freestyle book and contacted her. We found out we were both Buddhist and thought it would really be fun to do a collaborative project with a semi-Buddhist theme. At first we were going to call it Funky Buddha (just loved the title!) but mine evolved into Be after I got a hold of another of Kobi Yamada's books, this one by the same title. I was inspired by her quote and took off with the concept in my book.

The page on the left is inside the cover and the page on the right is actually a fabric page and is attached to the inside of the back cover with clips. This is my first page and will be sewn into the spine of the book where you see the chenille fabric in the photo above. I love these dragonfly wings that I found in our backyard this evening. I am very excited to see how this collaborative evolves. It is really helping me keep my creativity flowing and challenging me to enjoy the process, wherever it leads!


Anonymous said...

I'd tell you how I found your blog but I can't remember! I love this page with the dragonfly wings, very inspiring...lisavc from australia

Lilli in Vancouver said...

How wonderful to find another Buddhist artist to work with....and those dragonfly wings are so precious

You cover and pages look great :)

Sharon Tomlinson said...

Oh I really like this. Isn't it funny how what you end up doing is not what you started out to do. That happens to me all the time most definitely with the Book of Dreams.

Anonymous said...

Very Very Cool!!!!

Chares Square Co-op said...

1. ashley calder rocks.
2. that BE book rocks.
3. YOU rock.
4. YOUR book rocks.
5. have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. I can tell the finished book will be amazing!

gudrun said...

Wow! This funky-budda-book is so stunning!
Love all the work you have done on this one. :-)