Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Symbolic alphabet

I wrote to Anahata herself to ask her to explain more about the symbolic alphabet concept that I mentioned in my last post. I thought that her response is so great I wanted to share it here. I thought my other artsy blogger friends would be interested in this concept. Also, she said she's going to be adding a page to her web site on this concept soon. Lots to think about. I want to start working with this idea, anyone want to join me? I feel another challenge coming on?!!

Anahata said, "This is a very dear concept to me about how each artists builds a personal style and relationship to their own work. The idea is pretty simple really but the effects are far reaching. Basically each person is drawn impulsively to concepts, colors, symbols and moods. When these things are used in repetition the artist anchors a new piece in their "Symbolic Alphabet". Piece by piece this alphabet allows the artist the ability to communicate a visual language all their own. An intuitive signature that anyone can recognize, and feel on an emotional level-regardless of content. We do not have to understand an artist or even like it. But if they have been following an authentic impulse their work will have a magnetic quality and a voice of it's own. This voice is literally the language of the Symbolic Alphabet. To me it's more of a frequency. Something we perceive from the gut rather than with our mind. And that is how the Alphabet is built. By following one impulse to another and integrating visual desires step by step without hesitation or editing."

I asked some clarification questions and received even more creative goodness to mull over. This is fabulous!
"At least with how I have it laid out in my mind is that your symbolic alphabet is made up of symbols. I call it an alphabet because it is the components of a language. And all languages
have an alphabet. For artists it is simply a Symbolic (Visual component) Alphabet and is communicated not in words but through images. Our Alphabet is always changing. Certain themes and things will be predominant for a period of time and then move out of heavy rotation. But they will always remain a part of your creative signature, your Alphabet. Just as things will begin to emerge and anchor themselves into your work- these too are new keys to your language. One could identify and really define those symbols and make an actual alphabet key - but it is primarily an evolving thing."



Janet said...

You said it all - WOW!!

Lilli in Vancouver said...

That is so cool. I'm not sure I'm understanding the concept in its totality, but the wheels are turning in my head about its potential.

Thanks for getting her voice on that :)

Sharon Tomlinson said...

This causes some heavy thinking. I think I get most of it but will be anxious to explore it further with both of you.
E-gads it is already "end of June" (just about). My swap packets are almost ready to send. I'm thinking I can get them on their way Friday. Also still trying to finish up my BOD.

Susan Elliott said...

I wonder what my symbolic alphabet begins with? I suppose I will start to recognize it after I do more original pieces. What's one of your symbols?

Colorsonmymind said...

Very interesting-I missed all the challenges by a day or two-now I am subscribed I hope I catch the bnext one in time:)

PJ said...

ditto wow!
To be able to clearly communicate something like that is just awesome!
hmmm. next one? Count me in if it it is!!!

Fiona said...

Fascinating idea. And when you stop to think about it, we probably have an unconscoius alaphabet that we use eg I love to use hearts, angels, and swirls. So that must tbe the start of mine but what do we all use that we don't recognise as symbolic.

Chares Square Co-op said...

yes. wow.
love it.