Sunday, July 30, 2006

She book collaboration

I finally got started on my SHE book collaboration with Cassondra. I used an old 45 record album. It's fun and challenging. A different format for me, but neat to have little round "windows" to work with. It's inspired by the book She by Kobi Yamada. I first found out about the book and She philosophy from Heidi Swapp. It's full of wonderful quotes to use in your art, or to just be inspired by:) After doing my inspiration book last week, I felt a renewed sense of energy in my art. I feel like the top page really depicts my art aesthetic. The colors, the use of fabric and vintage beads, old sewing notions, the Victorian "rosette" thing I figured out how to make on my own from vintage crepe paper (inspired by Pam Garrison), the clothes in the photo, the models hair, I love it all. So glad I was able to bring it all together in one piece!
Speaking of inspiration, does anyone else watch Project Runway? I never thought I'd like the show, but I do get enthused by the projects that they have to complete. It always gets me more interested in fashion. Two very young designers with a wonderful vision are Vena Cava. The combination of art and fashion intrigues me.

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Jeanne said...

Oh yes, I love Project Runway. Like you, my favorite part is the challenges and seeing how they are interpreted. It is great for inspiration in my own artwork. And all the drama and personalities on the show helps to keep me watching too.