Saturday, July 15, 2006

What I did on my summer vacation...

Hello again!! Well, I'm back from "up north" and am happy to say we had a really nice time. We were up every day from sunrise to sunset. We started out with a lot of driving. Driving down to Milwaukee and then back up through the Twin Cities and up to a lake cabin near Brainerd, Minnesota. The kids fared pretty well:) I got a bee bite on my hand right off the bat. Ouch! My initiation to the north woods.

Here's Chloe and Lowell on the beach at about 6 am. My dear parents got up with the kids each morning at 5 am and let Joe and I go back to bed. What a treat! We swam in the lake quite a bit. It was wonderfully clear and very few weeds and such. The weather was quite warm, so a good soak a couple times a day felt delightful.

We also took a boat trip out on the lake and watched a lovely sunset.
And of course, what's a trip to Northern Minnesota without seeing some Loons?! We came back to the cabin, had a campfire and roasted s'mores. A "traditional" Minnesota summer cabin experience:)
I read about half of my Holy Cow book. What a great read! I also started a new altered book. I will share pics shortly. Check out this funky scrapbook store in a nearby town. Unfortunately it had equally funky hours and we never were able to visit when it was open.
We came back to the a HOT HOT HOT 100 degrees in the Twin Cities today. All in all a wonderful getaway with my family.


Lilli in Vancouver said...

Welcome back!

Glad you had such wonderful family time. Nothing like time spent in Nature, to bring back your balance.

Your parents are such gems to give you a break from being Mom for a few hours.

Y'know, I've never had a s'more!

Christi said...

Kari, that looks wonderful! I hope that you are feeling all relaxed and rejuvinated now. I can't wait to see your latest altered book! Smiles!

Leah said...

sounds like it was a great trip...except for the bee sting, ouch!

your kids are simply adorable btw. :-)

Sharon Tomlinson said...

Your babies are so beautiful. What a great trip you had. Sounds very relaxing and enjoyable. Can't wait to see your new altered book and I have a new one going too.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Kari! Love hearing about your adventures and look forward to seeing your altered book!!!