Thursday, September 14, 2006

I *heart* junk!

My mom and I had the pleasure of going to the JunkMarket ladies Junk Bonanza today!!! You've probably seen their new magazine. They have so many creative tricks up their sleeve. I went away with an Autumn Glory sign and a couple of old shutters to get creative with. Boy did I have fun taking pictures:) The colors and the textures were amazing. They had lots of fun junk stuff and some gorgeous fall flowers and gourds! So sit back and enjoy a little photo tour of the junk sale!!!

On top of all that, I got my Designing with Color book today:) It's almost like a Freestyle part II. Looks fabulous! I'm off to bed saturated with color and ready to soak in all this inspiration!


Lilli in Vancouver said...

Wow! Look at all that great stuff! Thanks so much for sharing all these photos with us. Way to get us in the Autumn spirit :)

silverlight said...

Wow!What fun!
I used to go to antiquing and to flea markets.
I still have things I haven't gotten to yet.
I'm unable to go out much anymore, so I like your blog.

Fiona said...

Sounds like a fab event. I enjoyed Bonnie Rose's account and photos too.Wish we got the mag in the UK as it sounds great.

Bonita Rose said...

love your photos! I wish I would have know u were there.. I wuda said HI!
your photos are gorgeous!!!!


Anonymous said...

You lucky lucky girl!!! Looks like you had a lot of fun!!! Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kari,
I saw your post on Poppy Ink & came over to check out your blog. I am so envious that you got to go to the Junk Market thing. I'm in Wisconsin & would have loved to have gone, but didn't have anyone to go with me? (Can you believe how insane my friends are -- they're not real into this stuff yet. LOL)

I also rec'd my DW Color book today & am not going to bed tonight until I read it!

Have a great weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Look like you visited heaven!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous photos! ooohhh, can't wait to see what you make and you look SO cute with the sign. dreamy place to go for sure! love that mag. and I wanna get the 1st freestyle book! ooh, this one looks good. I love dreaming in color!

Anonymous said...

your pix are amazing! Mus have been so so so much fun being there! I'm envious!! I stalk the mag.isle at my book store waiting for their next issue....loved their premiere magazine!

Anonymous said...

Can I come live with you....wait...I do love my life here, but really, your house looks so gorgeous and inviting...the Junk Market is to die for....sorry MN family, next we come, it's off to Artsymama I go!!!!

Anonymous said...

that is some beautiful junk you got there,missy!


love all the texture!

Anonymous said...

Love all your photos from the Junk Market. How could you stand it...I would of bought everything. Wish I had something like that near me.


Anonymous said...

I loved the pink 4 pane window and the boxspring as a shorage unit! I also heart junk!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Those lasies shopped in my booth in Brimfield and bought button bracelets from me a few years ago! I always wanted to go to one of their shindigs!