Sunday, October 08, 2006

More SHE book

I was so thrilled with getting my SHE book back from Cassondra with her work in it, that it motivated me to finish my work in her book. The scans don't really do this book justice, but here are Cassondra (first 10 pages) and my work (next 8 pages) in the book that she originated. You can pretty much tell where her style ends and mine begins. This was such a fun collaborative project! Can't wait to mail this back to her. Hope she's pleased:)


Jeanne said...

This book you did with Cassondra is so amazing. You both do beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.

Lilli in Vancouver said...

What a Fabulous, Empowering project!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful treasure this will be to keep.

Anonymous said...

Again, just loving this!! This style is so wonderful and comforting and seems so out of my reach...URGH!
I have halloween decoration pics to send to you in the very near future (dont expect them to be as cool as yours though!!)

Anonymous said...

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