Saturday, April 21, 2007

Happy Weekend!

Spring has really sprung here in Minnesota...finally! It was 80 and gorgeous out today. We enjoyed every minute of it. This bloodroot was blooming in the woods behind my parents house. Love the "magic hour" light in this photo taken during sunset tonight. Ahh...Thank you for all your kind words about hosting the May Basket swap and for all of you that volunteered to take on a partner. Honestly I wasn't fishing for a complement, but its nice to know that you're having fun with this and your sweet words are appreciated. The support of the blogging community always overwhelms me. So the swap has been all cleared up. Everyone has a partner and hopefully you'll all mail out on Tuesday. That way everyone will have their basket in time for May Day. I would love it if you could share a picture of the basket you receive on your blog (if you have one) on May 1st. It will be so fun to all celebrate together:)
I continued to work on the three baskets that I'm making and am having so much fun adding little bits of this and that as I go to estate sales and find more goodies. It's all in the details. Can't wait to send these babies out! Hope you're having a great weekend:)


Anonymous said...

Hello! The weather today was amazing - so fun to see the flower in your post. We have a few little ones in our yard too - so great to finally see. The little bits of your May baskets look great. I bet your partners will be so very excited to receive their goodies.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I don't even know what that vintage key is attached to but I know I want it! I heart vintage keys! Beautiful photos!

Lilli in Vancouver said...

Yay! Spring has sprung, and May is around the corner :)

Karen Beth said...


I'm new to your blog here and am glad to have found it. I came to it by way of the Create-a-Connection blog. Wonderful place to be. :)

The photos are beautiful and your ventures at the estate sales sound amazing. I've been to yard sales and such but never to estate sales. I've always been curious to go. Must do that soon!

Have a beautiful weekend,

Karen Beth :)

Anonymous said...

I happened on your site when I was searching for hor to make crepe paper rosettes ala Pam
Garrison. If you have a simplified how to would you send it to me. I'm planning on making some Christmas banners using the vintage wallpaper I snagged from LK Ludwig on vendor's night at ArtFest.

I was your "story stone" partner in Lynn Perrella's class.

I grew up in Minnesota (Lindstrom) and did May baskets as a child and loved the tradition. We'll be back in MN this fall for my high school reunion.

Sue Erickson

Anonymous said...

Oh, your tulips are wonderful! I'm such an A type personality that I already mailed out my swap basket. :)

Tricia said...

i know your baskets are just lovely and the recipients are very lucky indeed!
beautiful photographs, kari!

Stephanie said...

The weather was beautiful here in South Georgia too. I've had fun getting my basket ready. Thank you for hosting and posting this neat idea. All your goodies are looking good. I can't wait to see them on flickr.

Maija said...

Hi girlie girl! Want to swap blog listings? I need you as a regular! It was so nice seeing you again and chatting at Artfest.
Silver Bella or bust!!!!

gudrun said...

lOVE your beautyful, colorful springpictures.
Just popped into Pencil Lines, and WOW!! I realised YOU are the guest, and have the sketch of the week. Congratulations! :-D So happy for you.
Think I have to do that skech. ;)
Have a nice day.
Love Gudrun

Lori said...

Kari, I am so glad everything has worked out with your basket swap. The lovely photo snippets you have been showing of yours are really making me wish I had participated!!

Laume said...

That bloodroot photo is really striking. I was raised in Wisconsin and Minnesota, spent many hours wandering the northern woods. I had forgotten this flower. My favorite is the trillium. I thought it only grew back east and I was beyond the moon when I discovered it growing in a forest of douglas fir and redwood on northern California coast a few years ago. A few years ago a friend in Wisconsin treated me to a box of bittersweet in the autumn. That was really cool too! I love my Pacific Northwest plants, but I miss the plants of my childhood sometimes too.