Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Everyday Notions {Gathering Beauty}

Thank you all once again for your sweet comments and encouragement. Your support is unwavering. You guys are the best!
Here's something fun...check out the interview that Nina did with me and posted on the Create a Connection blog here.
Collection photos from my Flickr favorites.
The next step of the Everyday Notions challenge we're thinking about
Gathering Beauty- {Collecting}
Think of collecting as a creative activity. Each piece has a tale to tell of where it’s been. “Maybe our inner seeing can be triggered by beautiful “clues” on the outside. In my sometimes mindless “making,” maybe I want to go further…”

What do you collect? What did you gather into your pockets or your room as a child? What is at the heart of your collecting? Question your collections. Focus on something you collect, arrange them in a way that appeals to you and capture them on film. Decipher the meaning of your collections in your life. Shake out their messages to you. Turn them inside out and upside down, and consider letting some of them go to make room for the new.

I have seen some posts that several of you have been able to get a copy of the book Foolsgold, which has inspired these challenges. I would love to hear your thoughts.


Lori said...

ooohhh, so mad at self...i was at barnes and nobles yesterday and didn't remember until i was almost home that i had wanted to look for this book...well, it still sits on my amazon wish list...*sigh*...

Kel said...

Hi Kari! I loved the interview on CaC - great answers. I love it when different bits of this here interweb join up!

gudrun said...

Hi Kari.
Long time no see.
Love your picture of collections. It is really beautyful, inspiering, heartwarming....Love the way you have gathered all the "bits and pieces".
Just popped in to say: Happy 4th!
Wish you a wonderful celebration. :)
Love Gudrun

Kimla Kay said...

Loved the interview! This is why you are such an inspiration to me...you make art every day in some way or another and are so generous in capturing the process in your blog. Because you do something artistic everyday, it normalizes it...makes it not so scary...this is just HUGE for me. You totally rock!

eb said...

I collect rocks
of all sorts
always have

and in the now
of summer
beach rocks
that warm in the sun
and bath
in the rain
and lake water

we especially
look for
the heart shaped ones
harder to come by
but my love
found a good one
last week

this collection
is arranged
and rearranged
on the table
and now the addition
of rose petals
hard and soft

xox - eb.

eb said...

8th line - read: bathe

xox - eb.

Katrina Chambers said...

What a fabulous Blog! Just love checking in to see what you have been up to!!

Warm regards, Katrina.

Laura Bray said...

Just posted about my rock collection on my blog! Thanks for the prompts. This one especially inspired me and I spent most of morning pages time writing about this prompt. Strange that rock collections seem to be popular...

Laume said...

I like the idea of "everyday beauty" - which isn't exactly the title of your post, but that's what I get from it. I'm a raven at heart, collecting comes naturally to me. But it's also an issue, as one can only have so many collections, and collections can only be so big, before they start to control your life. Methinks this subject is worthy of my own post at some point in the future. Good pondering material.