Monday, November 12, 2007

A Very Bella Weekend: Part II {Shopping}

The Bellas sure do know how to shop! An antique store, Second Chance, in Omaha was open especially for us on Thursday night and Bellas took it by storm! What a fun, vast store full of one-of-a-kind vintage goodies! They told us they'd be in business an extra five years because of the Bellas!! Here, Julie Collings and I are soaking it all in!
The girls out shopping!
Love this wreath at the entrance of Fairmont Antiques.
So many pretties!
I LOVED this painting!
Lilli loved this hooked piece. Gorgeous!

Then we had to get back for the fabulous and fun vendor night!!

Sweetie pie Tammy Gilley was in her junk gypsy best!!! The goodies at her table were divine!Melissa of Little Melfie's World and Hope of Paper Relics had a table together. What delightful art!
Julie and I had a blast going from table to table, inspired beyond belief!

Dede Warren was having a ball!! She is so much fun:)

So glad that Maggie Summer's found me. I adore her work and it was so fun to meet her in person!
Amy Powers was as cute as her sweet as sugar booth!
Danielle Muller looking very sassy!
Heather at her candy pink Speckled Egg booth. Loved all the supplies she had!

Heather Bullard's PresentPast Collection booth was like heaven!

Keep scrolling down for part one of my Silver Bella weekend. Next will be my class projects!

12 comments: said...

I'm glad you had some vendor night pictures to show, I was so busy shopping I didn't take enough.

And I agree, Heather's booth was wonderful and so was she. I feel like I met a life long friend in her.

Anonymous said...

Oh man - I have to go to this sometime :)

Stacy said...

wow!! this looks like so much fun. I am glad you had a wonderful time!!!
I must have clicked on your blog out of habit 20 times this weekend forgetting you were gone, so happy you are back!!!just cant wait to see your projects

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was so fun. It was great to meet you too. So many amazing woman I was just in awe all weekend.

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh what fun you all had. Shopping and Vendor night. lucky girls. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Jana said...

What great pics!! It was so awesome seeing you again!

Bonnie said...

Hey Kari, your posts about the silver bella are wonderful-so many great people you had the chance to meet-totally jealous you got to meet Dede!!I love the photos. You must have really had an awesome time! Thanks for sharing all of it!

Anonymous said...

so great miss kari!
girl you are fast.
i will be finished posting by tonight. i have had to leave and come back several times.
im pooped out.
im so glad we got to see each other, only if briefly!
we will have to plan a little midwest bella weekend!
jessi nagy

Laume said...

I'm having so much vicarious fun seeing all these photos of your Bella weekend. It occurred to me that it might be sort of hard to shop with so many friendly competitors who love the same things. LOL. But worth it all the same, yes? I LOVE that painting of the little girl with the roses - she reminds me SO MUCH of my younger sister as a child. Wow. Keep the photos coming - I wanna see more! Thanks.

Mippie said...

Sigh--it really was fun, wasn't it??? Oh Fairmont, how I loved you! Your photos are really great! xo-Mel

Fete et Fleur said...

What an exciting opportunity!!Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It's almost like being there. I especially loved the painting you loved!!

Have a Beautiful Day!