Sunday, January 27, 2008

Aren't we cute?!

Here's my latest random little project. My happy family:)Saw the movie Juno today. It's been written up positively so much and the writer lived in Minnesota when she was a stripper (interesting gal...)
It's quirky, it's sassy, it's wonderful!~ Go see it!


LisaLaughs said...

Love your little family characters!! And congrats on your book endeavor!!

BugnLVoe said...

I loved JUNO!!! :-)
My daughter bought the soundtrack off of iTunes and she listens to it all the time. Which is kind of a switch to her normal music library.

Your little people are adorable.


Lilli in Vancouver said...

What a colorful fun family you have!

There certainly is a lot of buzz for this movie. Steve and I will certainly make a point of seeing it!

Anonymous said...

Kari, your little family is so adorable! Of course the little painted ones are cute, too! ;-)

I had a great time seeing you for scrapping Saturday night. Let's do it again soon! By the way, my MIL loved the scrapbook calendar I gave her!


Anonymous said...

Without change I would have never come to have known this "little world" of so many other creative people!

Heather Simpson-Bluhm said...

I LOVED Juno and want to see it again. Saw the writer on Oprah.. she seemed cool. G was excited she was from his home state. Love the teeny family :)

Jennifer Paganelli said...

your son looks just like sweet is that little family....and loved Juno...Kindred spirits..Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Love the wooden dolls.

Saw Juno and adored it! Bought the soundtrack right after and it plays perma-play in the van. Oh and I like to say 'wizard' and 'wenis' alot now which drives my 12 old up a wall. Haa! What fun!