Friday, March 27, 2009

What's your style?

Happy Friday! Happy Birthday Joe! Yes, you've seen this cover before and the first few pages below. A year ago, to be exact. I began this new art journal in earnest Jan. 2008 and stopped just as quickly after completing only a few pages.
I've peeked at it here and there knowing that it meant something to me. I enjoyed the colors and the style, but just couldn't put my finger on where to go with it.
Then this friend came along and inspired me to take a look at it once again. We decided to become art journal buddies and encourage one another with questions and prompts and weekly check-ins. I am very excited! This week I worked the pages below and decided that I wanted to take a closer look at my aesthetic. Really examine what I like and dig deep and ask why?
I'll also be looking at this book and this concept of Rebecca Purcell's upcoming book. If you click on the cover, there is a fairly lengthy look at this term Modern Nostalgia. Very interesting stuff!
I began my exploration of the aesthetic of sweet and what it means to me and why I'm so attracted to it. I've listened to some facinating interviews with Dylan Lauren, the owner and founder of Dylan's Candy Bar about how she got started and "why candy?"
I started exploring what this love of childhood exploration and inquisitveness means to me in fueling the imagination and invention.
Generally began the exploration of my "happy places" and where that all fits in.
Fun stuff! Can't wait to see where this leads.
Have a great weekend! I'm looking forward to cake and a simple birthday celebration with my kids tonight for my hubby.


Juana said...

Lovely and inspiring! It makes me wish to start one!

Jacquerose said...

Beautiful images....I think the universe is trying to tell me something about journaling today...I was just reading one of my favorite blogs by a friend of mine, art quilter Pam Rubert
and the subject was organizing your journals.
I want to buy the book on Finding Your Style. That looks fascinating!

paperbird said...

Hi Kari,
Thanks for getting my order to me so quickly. The wallpaper is wonderful and the extra goodies are so sweet, the little cloth bag so antropology- i love it!

Jeanette Carlstrom said...

Just wonderful...keep going... I love my Art Journal and if there ever, heaven forbid, was an emergency in my house I would grab the family, cat, and Art Journal leaving anything valuable behind :)

Hope | Paper Relics said...

What a great week we had I think - especially for our first!

I really love how we have some things we both want to explore - the style statement really helped me explore Rebecca Pucells ideas and concepts and I am so glad you are doing that with me. I am so inspired by both at the moment and it is fun to have someone to share that with while sharing the overal journaling experience.

Jeez, that sounded kinda cheesy... but you knew what I meant :)

Lilli in Vancouver said...

Prettypretty! Yes, it intriguing to wonder why we're drawn to certain things. Sounds like you're going to be having fun :)

Have a great celebration tonight!

Lucrecer said...

this is really wonderful.

Jill said...

Oh I love your creations and think they are simply beautiful!!! I am a huge fan of creative journaling and also happen to be the author of an innovative, interactive and creative journal call Journal Buddies. These journals are perfect for kids ages 8 - 12! Visit www.JournalBuddies to learn more.

Carla said...

Wow Kari, your art journal is real eye candy. You should absolutely keep up with it. And your post came at the right time for me, because I had been wondering about my style. There are images I found myself gravitating towards—mostly birds and flowers— whatever piece I make.I am not sure why that's the case...but I will embark on an exploration of my own!

Anonymous said...

Kari, I've just started my own art journal this month and I found your site in Artful Blogging. So glad I did, you have inspired me to really dig deeply into this journaling thing. I'm looking forward to being a regular follower of yours. Thanks!!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

Happy Birthday...loving yor inspiring!!!

Anonymous said...

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