Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This is where we play (part I)

Since summertime is all about play and the weather has been picture-perfect here in Minnesota, I thought I'd share with you some of the wonderful spots we've found to get out and enjoy. I normally post pictures of the "special" trips that we take, I thought it was noteworthy to document the day to day sights that the kids and I enjoy in our corner of the world. I love all the big trees you find here in the twin cities. This park is one of our new favorites. It has some fun equipment for the kids to play on. When they're tired of that they have a couple of rinks that are used for hockey in the winter and the kids enjoy pretending to put on their skates and slide around the imaginary ice.
Then we head out into the beautiful marsh just behind the park. This trail meanders around through the tall cattails and the kids enjoy playing in the little ponds that we find full of duckweed. They find a reed to push into the water and stir the "soup" as they like to call it.
Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our daily park experience. I will periodically post places that I enjoy taking the kids for a climb, or a stroll, or a bit of make-believe skating!

Where do you like to play?


snowbear said...

Kari that park looks like the greatest place for kids to play... we do not have any like that near us, but i have seen some up north of here as well as south. My kids are too old for them now, but both would have enjoyed them had they been available.. I see you have a wonderful little path to enjoy nature as well... do you find toads or frogs along it with a water source being nearby? I enjoy seeing them hop around..thanks for sharing your section of the world!

Anonymous said...

Can you let us Twin Citians know what park this is?

Unknown said...

oh my, oh my, such beautiful greenery and blue skies-love it!