Sunday, September 20, 2009

My birthday challenge....

Here I am, on the verge of my 34th year.

Thanks to Heather for taking this head shot of me at Junk Bonanza. I had such a great time hanging out with her!

Last year on my birthday I made a list. I am officially able to check off 10 of my 33 things. This year I've decided to take on a challenge. This is where dottie angel comes in...

On the dottie angel blog last week, Tif mentioned that on her birthday (which happens to be the same day as!) she was going to give herself the challenge of buying only handmade, vintage or secondhand goods for her home and closet for the next year. You know I'm always up for a good challenge and wanted to jump right in. I did have a few questions for her first first...
How did you come up with the idea for the challenge?

It just popped into my head a few weeks back when i was thinking about how i enjoy thrifting and i love handcrafted. i began to wonder if i could carry that through 100% into my everyday life... i get my 'shopping fix' from secondhand buys and items that have been handcrafted.
however, i do see this may be a challenge when it concerns everyday requirements and not just the lovely 'pretty' things i seem to drag home from the thrift store.
i'm actually rather excited to see in a year's time just how much the way i shop has changed and evolved... i always have in my ear "is it a need or a want?" when i am out in the shops and if i'm totally honest with myself, 9 times out of 10 it is probably a "want" and that is very telling in it's self.
So in the home, are we basically talking about everything, besides food/groceries here?

Absolutely, that is the plan. i have chosen to NOT buy anything unless it is handcrafted or secondhand, not just the decor stuff but the nitty gritty stuff as well... this is really a challenge to see how little one can do without buying new.

Is there anything in the home or closet not included in the challenge for you?

1. undies and tights
2. gifts
AM: For me, I may also add towels, shoes and some craft supplies.
You’ve mentioned that you have already thought about some of the problems that may come up along the way, what have you thought of?

The only thing that i have 'Nagging Mr Doubt' going off in my ear about is appliances and electronics, pretty much anything else i don't seem to think will be a problem. when i tire of my clothing then i shall get creative with the help of Miss Ethel, my trusty sewing machine or i shall peruse the aisles of the thrift store. of course there is always the wonderful world of Etsy for handcrafted goodness when it comes to just about anything.

How can others get involved in the challenge?

If anyone reading this fancies joining in, it's quite simply a matter of choosing to only buy handcrafted or secondhand for your home and your closet for one year. all you have to do is pick a day that works for you and start. anyone wishing to join in is most welcome to add my 'challenge of the utmost kind' button to their blog and link it to me so others can find out information if they wish. it's also important for anyone wishing to 'have a go' to know it's okay to exclude 'things' from the challenge, just like me and my undies :)

Anyone else want to jump on board?

I also want to make it quite clear, this is suppose to be fun, a way to get creative within the home and to perhaps focus on something positive. it doesn't matter if you stumble along the way... it's more about learning from the experience and growing with it. and perhaps looking back after a year and being rather proud of supporting handcrafters and the efforts made of 're-using' items that still have plenty of life left in them.

Humble stars and posies has some wonderful reasons that she wants to do this including: thinking before you purchase, saving money, finishing projects already begun, simplifying and patience.

Thanks, Tif and Happy Birthday!


Susan said...

Happy Birthday! Love the idea of the challenge, too. I'm going to give it some thought.
Enjoy your day!
PS I thought I had you and A Year of Color linked to the blogs I follow, but I haven't had an update in a month or so. No matter what I try to do your blogs won't link. Any ideas or advice? I've missed you!

Susan said...

I just realized that comments don't post to my blog, but to my profile. Would that be the problem?
...still kind of a newbie to all of this!

Suz said...

Happy Birthday, both of you, and I love the challenge. It will require some serious thinking on my part.

Kari, I had my SB buddy here and we debated long and hard about the Junk Bonanza, then did forty rummage sales instead...all in my area. Major scores! The Twin Cities can't be beat for good things at estate and rummage basement will attest to that!!

Your head shot is darling and some day I will come up to you and say, "Hi. I am Suz, who loves your site."

Be ready! Best Birthday Wishes and much joy in the coming year.

Lilli in Vancouver said...

Hey K-Girl! Happiest of Birthdays to You! Wishing you every kind of creative fulfillment and joy this year!

xoxo Lilli

Katy said...

Happy Birthday Kari! Keep us posted througout the year on how this challenge is going! Very interesting idea.

PinkBalloons&Macaroons said...

Hi sweetie!! Happy happy bday sweet Kari!! Yay for september bdays!! (I actually enjoyed my bday even though I you know I was upset about it. lol. ) Isn't Tif super nice? Love her style! She is from Washington too. Anyway,hope you have a great day hun! hugs!! Britt :-)(sparkledvintagecharm)

Anonymous said...

Love the interview with Dottie Angel and am so glad you in this too. Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. Good luck!

Unknown said...

Hi Kari! Happy Birthday to you!!!
Wow. What a challenge. I would really have to sit and think a while as to what it all involves...I would at least like to try it for a week and see where my thoughts and actions lead me. My mantra this last couple of weeks have been: use what you have, use what you have....
Have a great day!

dottie angel said...

happy birthday kari!!!

i hope you have a fabby day and shall look forward to our year of handcrafted, thriftiness ways :)

Tif x

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Kari! Isn't September just the best month to have a birthday? The challenge sounds intriguing...I am going to give it some thought. September always seems like the right time of year for resolutions to me.

Mandy said...

This sounds a lot like my No Spend September, where I vow to not spend money on anything except bills and groceries. We're only just over half-way through, and it's been one of the hardest things I've done recently. I am considering expanding it to next month, as well, because I'm amazed how much money has been saved!!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday, kari!

Fiona said...

Have a great birthday and good luck with the challenge!

Kaylovesvintage said...

happy birthday..

Alison Gibbs said...

Congratulations on 4 years of blogging. For the 2 and a bit years I have been blogging it has been wonderful to share in your corner of the world.