Friday, October 23, 2009

five senses friday: estate sale version

I was so pleased to see that abby posted a five senses Friday on her blog today. After going to a most unusual estate sale this morning, I definitely wanted to play along.I headed to a 1920's estate this morning to find out that it was that of Chet Noice, the creator of the original dough boy story, which he sold to Pillsbury and it later became their mascot, the Poppin' fresh doughboy. The home is going to be demolished and turned into a subdivison. How sad.
The house was filled with wonderful antiques and gorgeous light fixtures.
Of course several poppin' fresh boys were strewn about.
I was enchanted by a little play room in the "maid's quarters", as they told me.

Feel: walking up to the house I felt the cold, wet sleet coming down. Inside the house was big and open. You could feel the history in its bones.

Sight: so many neat old things, but realized that I certainly don't have an "eye" for antiques. Some things I was amazed at the price and others (some that I collect) were practically free. I know what I like and I'm not getting it for it's re-sale value, that's for sure.

Hear: people talking, wanting to find out stories about the man, the objects in his home. I couldn't help but keep hearing the little giggle of the dough boy as his tummy is poked in the Pillsbury commercials.

Smell: the smell of accumulated belongings that have lived in the house over many, many years. Some would call this musty, I prefer calling it the smell of aged collections.

Taste: the sugary doughnuts and coffee they were giving out


Sweetina said...

This was a wonderful experience even as a readder I felt I could smell the scent of old books and a settled home with all it's history.
(I love the scent also!)
The nursery/maid's quarters has so much feeling in it.You must have wanted to touch everthing and imagine the home and it's former inhabitants.
What a shame that it will be demolished. Very sad..but I think people don't have the funds to renovate beautiful old homes these days.
In picture 2 on the left side there's a large (coffee Urn?) that I took to Goodwill after my Mother passed 30 years ago...I have a feeling it was one of the expensive antiques you showed us!
Thanks so much~you really captured all my senses~

Uniquely Ella said...

Love your blog, beautiful fall inspiration. Thank you.

Beautiful Day said...

What a beautiful house, and how awful that it will be demolished. We visited an old home in Tasmania, but it is protected by the National Trust. I'll put the photos of it on my blog when I have a moment! Wendy xxx

Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

What a neat old place. It kills me when they tear down these old places for new, generic homes.

snowbear said...

Kari I too agree how sad it is that great old houses with such history have to be demolished for the sake of progress. Thank you for sharing those pictures with us.. it made me want to see the restof the house. Neat that you were able to use your trip for your 5 senses challenge today.

Suz said...

What a treat, Kari. Wish I could have visited that house. I just didn't up to doing estate sales this weekend. I am so sad it is going to be demolished.

Aren't we lucky to life in and area that has such wonderful sales? It makes for great sport!!!

See you at Silver Bella!