Friday, December 04, 2009

Five senses friday: early december edition

I love following along with abby when she does five senses friday. It's a great way to recap what I've been up to. Seeing: Holiday lights and wonderful vintage colors inside and outside the house. Love that there is now a dusting of snow on everything to make it look that much more magical.
The kids had fun doing their own candy themed tree.
Hearing: The squirt of the paint tube as Chloe gets down and dirty painting. I love watching her creativity blossom!
Tasting and smelling: I went to Trader Joe's for the first time this past week. The Candy Cane Joe Joe's are the best!! I love the smell of peppermint as I down these.
Loving: One of my favorite estate sale finds ever was found this week. These three earthenware vintage French mushroom jars. Need I say more?!
Working on: A page a day in December for my holiday journal.

Some secret crafty fun!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Unknown said...

What a wonderful Friday! Love your new Blog header. The wreath is great.

Suz said...

Wow, what an estate sale find! And here I am, locked in my house, making jewelry for my home sale. Tomorrow it will be all over and I can go to some estate sales but I doubt I will find anything as cute as that, Kari! That is a major score!

abby try again said...

I love this post-so fun and bright and cheery.
And wow-those mushroom containers are really amazing. Happy Weekend!

Amanda said...

I think those mushroom containers are one of the best finds I've ever seen in blogland!!!

Jeanne Oliver said...

Very fun way to recap your week!!!

Hope | Paper Relics said...

Oh, this post makes me feel like I am there with you - love that.
Next time you make cookies - be sure to make a few extra for me!!

Cassie Shella said...

It looks like you are having a wonderful Christmas! Your journal looks lovely, and the kids look like they are having a blast. Thanks for the inspiration.

Elise said...

Have a wonderful holiday! I have SO loved being part of the Year of Color blog! Thank you for all that you do!
Warm regards,

Alison Gibbs said...

I love seeing the artistic freedom your sweet children have. Some Mothers just won't let their children create because they might make a mess. You are a wonderful mother. What fun they have decorating their tree