Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry making...

Enjoying to the fullest the merriment of the holiday season.We had a very white Christmas! The kids love playing in the huge snow drifts. I snapped this photo as we left the house Christmas morning. Put the camera on the garbage can and hit the timer button. Not bad! Inside I watched as they made snowmen in my parents front yard.On to presents and other holiday fun! Baby Hans was in on all the action.
LOVE all the sister time together!!
Happy Birthday to the best sister in the world!!
Such a treat to have the day together.Now on to New Year's....and 2010!!


Karin said...

Love the pictures Kari. Carlos wants to go back to Michigan for Christamas so badly so he can play in the snow. Andres says he wants to make a snowman. I think my kids were better cut out for the midwest than so california :)

snowbear said...

We had snow too... not that much though.... glad you had a VERY merry Christmas!

Mescrap said...

Such lovely family.
Wish all the best for this meaningful season.

Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn said...

ok..drooling over the cake! Nice post!

texcinlulu said...

Beautiful family.
Love the polka dot nighties!
Thanks for sharing Kari.
Happy New Year to all of you!!!

Cathy said...

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Yup, it is.

Please join me in my very first "Amour Valentine Swap". It's going to be easy, peezy and so much fun.

Just drop on over to my blog for the details, then send me an email if you'd like to participate. The more the merrier.



Unknown said...

Oh, the baby in the santa suit is the CUTEST!!!
Happy New Year to you and your family.
I have had SO much fun joining in on Year of Color and all the wonderful ideas and swaps. Thanks for all you do, Kari.