Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Changing things up...

Here's a slew of my daily pages for the last week or so starting with some color inspiration. After making thes first two pages below, however, I realize that this time of year without hesitation I turn to turquoise and soft blues with bright punches of pink to get me in a late winter- pushing spring mood. Pretty as they are, now that I got it out of my system, I'm going to try for a new color combination for spring. Funny how the first page is so scerene and the second is just wild and crazy with all kinds of color combinations and patterns. I guess you can tell that I'm in the mood to shake things up!

What colors are you embracing right now?


andrea creates said...

I've really been into saturated candy colors lately-
lovely pages :)

Anji Gallanos said...

Love the color combination. Really fun and interesting.

Nina... said...

I love your scrapbooking style. Very original and fresh. It's a nice change from the "cookie cutter" stuff!

Anonymous said...

the colour that is 'doing' it for me right Pink, and Teal, and aqua, and green ... well basically anything that reminds me of the coming of spring!

oh and hot pink, and soft yellow, and turquoise...and....and...

stop by sometime..

Anonymous said...

Mint green has always been my very favorite color, but it's been dormant in my clothing and artwork. Just recently it's had a sudden re-emergence. I am also loving dark/forest green, light French grey and tomato red. Sounds very misty day in the woods, huh.

m i c h e l l e said...

Great pages, Kari.

I can't believe you are
totally keeping up with
your daily pages! So

The soft blues (like robin's
egg blue!) always catch my
eye but this time of year
I like it with pink, red,
or orange!

Lisa Gatz said...

I haven't actually given the color theme too much thought lately. I did begin a color scheme in my bedroom of turquoisy blues and red accents. not really a seasonal style but I hope it will work out.

We are having a giveaway at my blog and That Creative Place blog (the link is on my site) since we missed the deadline for OWOH.

Bonnie said...

Hey Kari..
I am loving your gorgeous inspirational collages. And lovely scrap book pages! I have loved coming to your blog the past 4 have always inspired me and made me smile and I continue to be a FAN of your blog! I may not always comment, purely cos I can't think of anything worthwhile to say, but I am always here.
colors I love lately are...peach, blue and green.

Alison Gibbs said...

Such beautiful pages.
As it is late Summer here in Australia I am into cool neutrals with a splash of turquoise