Tuesday, May 18, 2010

local fun....

If you're local (twin cities) Bloom in May is happening at Rose Mille in Stillwater, Minnesota this coming weekend. Jennifer Murphy, Kaari Meng and Michelle Rose Jorgenson will be teaching. There's also a Soiree that Jo Packham is scheduled to make an appearance at. The blog has all the inside scoop! Here is Jen's class project. Lovely! Here's a peek at what's been happening here this past week. For several days it rained and rained, so Chloe made happy rainy day art full of flowers and sunshine.
Lowell lost his very first tooth!!Then the sun came out and everything was gloriously green! Time for sidewalk chalk and bare feet.
The hose made an appearance, which resulted in hours of fun for Lowell.
This is the time of year for birthday parties!

Also garage and estate sales galore.
Always an eccletic mix of old and new.
We visited the swans.
And found a baby toad.
I took so many photos the kids were getting a little tired of it. Love this succession that shows how persistence pays off. I ended up with one of my favorite photos of the kids together ever!

Hope you're enjoying this wonderful time of year!


snowbear said...

What a cute bird in a nest project! Great rainy day art... budding artists.

Aww..his first tooth... time for the tooth fairy!!

Love the bench photos!! Kids do get tired of having their picture taken. But in years to come they will be thrilled you did it!

Debbie Demmers said...

Everything is starting to bloom for us! Been a long winter!!! The bird/nest is really cute!! deb

Steven said...

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Pass it on...

Boracay beach hotel said...

The kids are having a great time. They look so charming in those photos.

swell.life said...

the event this weekend sounds like great fun. i love the little nest! too bad i have to work.

am curious where you scope out the best estate/garage sales. newspaper? craigslist? or some other awesome website i don't know about? you always find the greatest stuff...take me with yoU!! :)

Wonderland said...

What a nice blog!!! Your kids are so cute!
Kisses from Turin!

Anonymous said...

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