Monday, August 30, 2010

sailing weekend (and so much more)...

Our final trip of the summer was up to Ashland, Wisconsin on Lake Superior for a weekend of sailing with grandpa. What a beautiful whirlwind trip it was!
First stepping into the freezing waters of the big lake outside of Superior, Wisconsin. Looking for rocks on the beach is a favorite pastime and one that the kids could do for hours. If we look like we just came out of the dryer, it felt like that. Even up in the freezing north of Lake Superior the day was in the 90's and very windy. Since we couldn't sail right away, we headed up to Bayfield where there are scores of fruit orchards.
We found a beautifully quaint farm with blueberries, raspberries, apples, pumpkins and a cutting garden.Apples in August, oh yea!Look at the size of the pumpkins, amazing for this time of year!

Back in Ashland we took a beautiful sunset sail on the calm waters of Lake Superior.
When we woke the next morning to calm blue skies we headed out on the boat again.
Chloe was quite the little sailor!Can't think of a better place to kick back and put your feet up!
On the way home we stopped at Jay Cooke state park and took in the beautiful rock formations and the very very beginning of fall color.

Hope you had a great weekend as well!


snowbear said...

:O The beginning of fall colors?? Although i'm excited about halloween.. it just hurts a tiny bit to hear about fall colors... lol.

Hope | Paper Relics said...

oh wow - it looks amazing! what a fun trip! Can't wait to hear all about it in person!

I love looking for rocks (and shells) too! Anywhere near you that we can do that with the kids while I am there?

Samantha said...

What a pretty trip! Looks like fun!
It's funny you should mention Fall colors. Just last week we were at the Getty museum, I looked up and one of their trees was begining to get some gold and red. It was odd, because in So Cal our trees don't turn until much later in the season. Really pretty, just unusual.
Let the baking season begin! :)

snowbear said...

Forgot to mention the white pumpkin... I love it! I started a white pumpkin plant this year but it didn't survive. It was awfully hot this year... my garden was less successful than previous years.

Anika said...

lovely post! <3 Anika