Thursday, October 28, 2010

13 Days of Halloween: 4 {after dark}

I had another Halloween gathering last night, but didn't take many pictures since it all took place after dark. I did want to share with you some fun adult beverage recipes that look rotten (like they're supposed to) but taste yummy!

Sewer Water Halloween Punch

This Halloween party punch looks just... well, it looks like the name implies! Which isn't a good thing on any day except for Halloween. The Dr. Pepper makes the whole drink brown and sewer-y, and the orange juice gives it a cloudy appearance that's not so appealing. But it tastes great! I like to make mine with vanilla vodka, but you can also use plain.
Serves about 12.


1/2 bottle (700mL) vodka or vanilla vodka

7 C. fresh orange juice with pulp

1.5 liters (3/4 of a 2 liter bottle) Dr. Pepper

Instructions: 1. In a large, clear punch bowl combine the vodka, orange juice, and Dr. Pepper.

2. Fill a separate container or ice bucket with ice.

3. Fill each punch glass with ice before serving. Serve with a lemon wedge if desired.

Bubbling Witches Brew

Whether you want to make an alcoholic Halloween punch recipe or a virgin punch for the kids, this recipe is just perfect. It's sweet, it's creamy, it's bubbly, it's tangy... and it's really rather creepy looking. The vanilla ice cream floating on top of the orange-red punch mixture makes it look like something pretty evil is brewing. Serves about 10 people.


1 (2 liter) bottle orange-flavored soda, chilled

24 oz. fruit punch, chilled

1/2 (700 mL) bottle vanilla vodka,

chilled1/4 gallon (half of a 1/2 gallon carton) vanilla ice cream

Instructions: 1. Stir together the fruit punch and the soda.
2. Scoop out the ice cream and place all over the top of the punch. Stir gently for a moment to get the right look.
3. Garnish this Halloween party punch with creepy crawlies, if desired.

Both recipes came from this fun site.

I also made this 7 layer taco dip to look like a spider web using the sour cream.

Another night of Halloween fun!


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