Thursday, February 03, 2011

The first step....

My first stop in the early stages of party planning is etsy. After coming up with my initial inspiration board, I always head on over to check out what new and amazing things people are making. This time I found the wonderful Jaime Mancilla and her shop found.vintage.reclaimed.handmade. I thought she had such fun items, I decided to get to know her a little bit better. Thanks, Jaime!
When did you open your etsy shop? What inspired you to do so?

My shop opened in the Fall of 2009 - a few months after I lost my job as a visual merchandiser (store decorator/stylist). Funny, during that same time, I got my first computer and internet (!!), and came across Etsy after 'googling' something. Needing to make or style something, after doing so day after day for about 10 years, I was completely inspired by all the wonderful goodies etsy and the rest of the web had to offer (before this, magazines were the main source of inspiration). Etsy is great because it's soo easy and cheap to get started.

I also felt awful because I had no money and wasn't bringing in money, which was stressful for my husband and I! So I gave etsy a go and invested in some clearance scrapbook paper and a few paper punchers (my butterfly packs) and slaughtered my stash of magazines into my butterfly collages - that gave me a bit of seed money to buy my first sewing machine.

How did you get started making buntings/garlands?

Not having tons of cash, I threw my daughters' 3rd bday party in June of 2010. So of course, I learned how to make everything, decorations and all! I got such great feedback from friends and family about the buntings/garlands that I just had to give this a go selling on etsy. I invested in some thrift store vintage linens and the rest is history.
I love that your shop is a combination of vintage items, handmade pieces made from vintage fabrics, and vintage inspired pieces. How long have you been attracted that this style? Where do you find your color inspiration?

I've been fascinated with all things vintage since high school (back in the 90's) -even back then I'd save vintage table linens and would hand sew them into simple purses/sacks. There's just something about old things that catch my eye quicker then new and shiny!

Color inspiration is something that hits me like a ton of bricks. If a vintage plate, fabric pattern, or paper is a 'to die for' piece, then i work with it. Having a basic knowledge for color theory also helps!
I am a huge fan of buntings and your cake buntings are adorable, how did you get inspired to do try that? Have they done well?

It's been just recently I decided to give the cake buntings a go. I'm so frugal, I use up every piece of fabric scrap - the mini cake bunting is a direct result! I have to admit, etsy inspires me in a lot I do, as far as styling and photography, popular search items, the most looked at things etc.. So far I've gotten a fantastic response!

Be sure and check out Jaime's constantly changing smorgasbord of goodies over at found.vintage.reclaimed.handmade.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Kari for wanting to get to know me and my shop a little better! <3 Jaime Mancilla

Anonymous said...

Jaime's cute vintage are fabulous! I love it.