Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Our summer has been full of many gatherings of family and friends. So many reasons to celebrate! While my sister and her family were still here we celebrated my moms birthday together.

At a birthday party Chloe attended they served the cutest little burger treats. Check these out! They are made from vanilla wafters (for the bun), mint cookie (for the burger), coconut (for the lettuce) and frosting for ketchup and mustard. The kids loved them!

The fun confetti cupcakes at the same party were just too pretty not to photograph.

The kids and I made chocolate chip cookies to bring to a very special gathering.

We visited this lovely lady, my great-aunt that turned 100 years old today.

Talk about a reason to celebrate!

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Anonymous said...

These photos look so beautiful, what a fabulously lovely family you have!