Sunday, September 25, 2011

Journal of Hope's visit....

This is the third year that Hope has come to stay with my family for a week in September and we always have the best time. The first few years it was fun to have Junk Bonanza going on during her visit and now the last couple of years we have also attended The Creative Connection and Scrapfest. It's always a busy week fitting in three events, plus celebrating Lowell's birthday, going to as many estate sales as we can sneak in, spending time with the kids (they love Hope!), getting outside and having some time to chat and journal before we go to bed each night.

This year was as busy as ever. Luckily the weather was at its peak fall form. Crisp and clear with brilliant blue skies! Hope posted her journal over on her blog if you want more details of the events and the visit from her perspective. Hope you enjoy!

For the journal itself, I used a mixed paper pre-made journal from Amy Tangerine. We took a class from her at Scrapfest that we really enjoyed and she showed us this fun journal that's all put together and ready to go from her new collection. I wanted to complete my journal shortly after Hope's visit while all the memories were fresh in my mind and this was just perfect to get all my pictures and journaling in lickety split!

We had fun taking pictures of our matching shoes at the markets that we visited.


Hope Wallace said...

sigh. Let's start over and do it all again!

Dianne said...

I love the journals you showed! I was looking at 'Smash' books on Pinterest and they are good for finding a place for ticket stubs, things you find in magazines-hey-I think you already do that. Please tell me you and Hope know about Pinterest-lots of fun!

Chantal said...

It's always a pleasure to come around and visit your blog.

Love from France

Hennifer said...

I have those shoes too! I'm on my second pair I love them so!