Sunday, March 16, 2008

Treasures found...

Since the last post was about the thrill of the hunt, I thought I'd share with you some of the fun finds that I've had recently. I mentioned that I was looking for something specific for my class at Sweetpeas. Below is a gem of a vintage hat that I found to "pluck" from that will do just the trick!I found this bright metal bookcase at an estate sale this weekend for $2. Yea, I know it looks like it shouldn't cost any more than that. What I love about it is it's the perfect height for Lowell to use as a little reading stand. Which is what he immediately did upon it's arrival in his bedroom. Too cute!
That same sale had tons of fabulous old cheap finds. Including the gnomes below. What better place to have singing gnomes than on your bran muffins?!
This mushroom girl was given to me last year during my spring swap. I just love woodland whimsies.
Finally a gift given to me recently is this wonderful box of spring treasures from Cassondra. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to take it apart and use these wonderful goodies. They just look too great together. There are oodles of vintage finds here. She sells many of them in her etsy shop. Love it all, Cassondra!

Hope you had a nice weekend!


Anonymous said...

that wonderful box of spring treasures, I don't think I could take it apart either, it is so beautiful!

Alison Gibbs said...

No wonder you don't want to pull the things out of that gorgeous box of Spring goodies - it look perfect as it is.
Lots of pretties to 'pluck' off that hat.
Looks like Lowell is enjoying the new shelves.

Lindsay said...

Those gnomes are too cool! And they look so cute sitting atop the muffins! Great finds!

-Lindsay said...

Oh, I agree, the treasure box looks so pretty arranged just as it is! But on the other hand, aren't you just itching to pull some of that out and play with it?