Monday, November 03, 2008

Welcome November..

I know we're a few days into the new month, but after a three month build up, I needed a little "down time" after the big day. Hope you all had a great Halloween. How do you make the switch to post-Halloween hunkering down? As always I first change my studio/dining room space.
My decor has changed from orange, black and white of Halloween to a palette of brown, cream, black and gold. Love the deep berry hues of this time of year. Warm, cozy comfy colors when the weather starts to cool down.
We're still enjoying our autumn walks and have been surprised to have such mild weather. As you can see below, with Chloe in a sundress, it was 70 degrees yesterday, while the average high is normally 48...yikes!! This won't last long, by the end of the week we're supposed to be there. Since I've shown you so many pictures of the gorgeous fall leaves, I thought I'd share what the trees look like now. Pretty bare.

Check out Mama to Mama: Connecting Families Through the Gift of Handmade. Such a very, very cool project and brand new blog. Created by Amanda Soule , "as a space in which we can gather and share information about how our families can connect through handmade action. Ways to use our crafting energy to create a little bit of good in the world, beyond our front door, beyond our families and out into the worldwide community of mothers. Mothers who all want to keep our children safe, most of all. I'm not suggesting that making a simple hat can change the world in an instant, nor that it's all we should be doing, but it's baby steps, friends. Baby steps and little moments that we do have the opportunity to make a little bit better for someone else." Check it out!

Happy November.


Hennifer said...

Thank you for the link to Amanda Soule. I've just recently started reading her blog Soule Mama and love it

Whosyergurl said...

You don't keep out fall stuff through November? I put away my Halloween things and then pull out Thanksgiving things, but keep out the pumpkins and gourds. I LOVE FALL best of all!

snowbear said...

Kari I jump from Halloween to Christmas... I am not a big Thanksgiving person... my Mom does the Thanksgiving dinner and I do Christmas. So I don't have any need to decorate for it... but I am always happy to do Christmas... My husband says i'd have it up all year if he would let me... he's probably right!