Friday, May 29, 2009

Magnetic attraction...

I've been aching to journal all week and finally took some time to do so. I did Danielle's magnetic attraction 101 exercise. I made my list, started snipping out pics from some new magazines and enjoyed coming up with things that I'm attracted to, intrigued by, enamored with...
I then analyzed a bit about why I like these things and ended up coming with these words that rang true for this exercise:

Speaking of journaling, I know a few of the fabulous ladies involved in this have blogged about it, but I wanted to give my shout out for LK Ludwig's new book Collaborative Art Journals.

In the spring of 2007 Julie Collings hosted a Spring Secrets round robin with Melissa, Cassondra, Lilia and myself. We were fortunate enough to have this wonderful project presented as an entire chapter in LK's new book!

I posted on the project several times when we were passing the books around. Here are some pages I did in Melissa's book. Also my contribution to Cassondra's wonderful mini-albums was published in the book. You can see what my beautiful book looked like when it arrived home with all the amazing artwork from the other ladies on this post. What a fun project and even more exicting that it was published!

Have a wonderful weekend!


parasols and maryjanes said...

A lovely book indeed and so nice to see it published.

Shelley said...

I purchased this book the other day and I was drawn to the Spring Secrets book. How nice to realize you were part of the reason!!
Hugs and Congratulations to you on your publication!

Linda Summerfield said...

I will have to pick this up.

Jeanette Carlstrom said...

This makes me feel so motivated. Thanks

Anonymous said...

That sure was a fun Round robin! The book is so pretty... wanted to say hi...-Lilia

Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn said...

Beautiful work. The book looks very tempting...!