Saturday, June 23, 2007

Everyday Notions {Sharing} and {Emptiness}

These are the collages I made as part of the first exercise for the Everyday Notions Challenge. The items in the collages are things that passed through my hands for the first time on that day. Many of the sqares below are from vintage cookbooks and images from old patterns that I discovered that day at a church rummage sale. The trim and the bird above are from an estate sale and were in my daily box I shared here. Lots of fun stuff and what a wonderfully relaxing time I had putting them all together to tell the story of that day. I added quotes I wrote out on vintage ledger paper from the book Foolsgold that really spoke to me on that day.

Both collages above are available in my etsy shop, since part of this challenge for me is making art and then sending it off into the world.

It's been so fun to see the collages that others have posted on their blogs for this challenge: here, here, and here. Join in anytime! I got into the mode of using squares after I had been working on my Bits and Pieces Collage for Jenny's swap. Here's a peek below at the collage I'm making for Tammie. She said she was into red and turquoise lately, so I took on the challenge. What fun bold colors to work with!

So I said that I was going to post an exercise for the challenge on Wednesday's and Saturday's. First off, if you can't get a hold of the book Foolsgold, don't worry about it. I will be explaining as much as you need to know for the exercises here on my blog.
My thoughts for today are on emptiness. In the book, Susan talks about the creative being spawned from emptiness.
"Giving over to silence, waiting, allowing, listening....In the emptiness we might get an inkling- as if something lights up and twinkles- of how we'll begin to form and open to who we're becoming, who we most truly are. We need to leave space both for what we'll discover and what will emerge to discover us."

Notice what is overfull in your world. Bookshelves? Your head? Empty a day on your calender, a drawer in your bedroom, a shelf in your refrigerator, to make room for something new. "For as long as you want, leave everything empty. Soon you'll see the whole world makes offerings."
I'm going to give this a try. Let me know how it works for you.
I'll be back later this weekend with more food for thought.


Carolyn said...

Wow , i just got a charity bag threw my letter box , and i`ve been sorting my stuff out to give away! I`m doing my bit of recycling , ready for more things to replace it ! ;o)
That`s what my Everyday Notion about today , recycling , when i finish it and get to put it on !

Bonita Rose said...

your collages are adorable.. i love them.. u are one oh so talented artist, kari! Love all your stuff.. if only I had more room in my house for stuff like this...... mmms maybe I shud be doing some emptying of my own??? lol

Anonymous said...

Got my first one put together . . . you are such an inspiration! Here's the link. Nina

Anonymous said...

i really like your idea of making something and sending off into the world. it's very inspiring~!

Jodi Ohl said...

Love your collages-the red and turqoise really is striking!

I think it emptying ourselves out opens us up for creativity because it removes the distractions. Distractions are the enemy of the artist because of our tendency to get involoved in the story, the drama, the project-so to create we have to empty out our mind, our space, and allow the inspiration to be channeled in from that new found space.


Anonymous said...

kari your so cute! I love your collages! I had a blast doing miss jenny's seap. what fun. see ya at silver bella
jessi nagy

Anonymous said...

As always,You are just so incredibly inspiring Kari!! Such happy, creative energy!!

These collages are fantastic!!

Thanks so much for sharing!! you always make my day!!

xoxo Jenny

Anonymous said...

Kari......first let me say that your collages are adorable!! I love the red and aqua.....

Secondly....coming over her has been so inspiring of late. I feel like I am at some sort of crossroads lately and your quotes and current "challenge" speaks to me right now. It's funny how you are doing the emptiness theme. I just got done emptying out drawers and closets today. I feel as though I need to let go some of the old to let in the new.

Thank you for being such an inspiration!!!! Karin

Anonymous said...

Oh Kari! I just love the collage in your etsy shop. That quote is so appropriate in my life right now. Your blog and this challenge is a big part of helping me really distill what is "me" in my crafting/business and to then focus on whatever that is. I'm sure others find themselves doing what I too often do: spinning around in a creative circle, never having time to do what I really love because I'm so busy making what I THINK others will love. Invariably nobody wants that! :) Thank you for this challenge, the quote on your collage (since I don't have the book myself...yet!) and just being so "you" in your blog! Hugs, Cheryl

Anonymous said...

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